2012 Top Posts articles

10. CBS 60 Minutes: An Unholy Attack on Israel

10. CBS 60 Minutes: An Unholy Attack on Israel

Although 60 Minutes enjoys a strong reputation for hard-hitting journalism, it doesn’t always live up to its lofty status. It’s report on the flight of Christians in the holy land was a case-in-point. The report blamed Israel’s security barrier for much of the Christian plight in the West Bank and ignored or downplayed the role

9. Communique – Top Five Media Fails of Gaza War

Like all Arab-Israeli conflicts, the battle for hearts and minds in Operation Pillar of Defense took place alongside the military battle. Of course, it also included a numerous cases of false or distorted information getting out to the general public. We rounded up the five worst cases during the first week of the war. As

8. Communique – Israel Made Me Beat My Wife

In some quarters, Israel can do no right, and the Palestinians can do no wrong. So we shouldn’t be surprised when The Guardian blames Israel for domestic abuse in Palestinian society: “Before the blockade, my husband used to make good money working in Israel,” she says. “With the blockade, that all stopped. When he can’t

7. Video – How to Fake an Anti-Israel News Photo

Photo bias has been one of the worst areas of media bias in recent years. While the number of images that have been distorted through photoshop have dropped in recent years, there has been no shortage in staged photos that intentionally present Israel in a bad light. It’s even worse when the staged photos are

6. Communique – Gaza Child Killed by Hamas

  Palestinian propagandists have never been shy about parading their dead, especially when the dead are children. But during Operation Pillar of Defense, the propagandists took it to a whole new level. One of the most dramatic images of the entire conflict showed Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh holding a dead child, indicating that the

5. Petition – UN False Photo Employee Must Go

One of the worse media offenses of the first half of 2012 was committed not by a member of the press but by an employee of the UN Office foir Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA).  When violence flared up between Israel and Hamas in March, Khulood Badawi, a field reporter for UNOCHA, tweeted a picture

4. Slideshow – Why You Should Care About Iran

HonestReporting created a number of slideshows in 2012, and the one explaining the threat of Iran was the most popular. But instead of focusing on Iran’s military threat to Israel, especially in light of Iran’s efforts to obtain a nuclear weapon, HR looked at the larger global threat the Islamic Republic poses to the world

3. Video – Searching for Israel’s Capital

The Guardian got our attention, first by referring to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city, then again by issuing a prompt correction, along with a statement declaring Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital. HR submitted a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), which then issued a shocking decision upholding The Guardian’s claim that Tel Aviv is,

2. Video – al-Dura: What Really Happened

Our oldest video, originally posted five years ago as background on the controversial al-Dura case, drew more viewers in 2012 than almost everything we did last year. Of course, it’s as relevant today as it was when we first made it. The video chronicles the beginning of “Pallywood” – Palestinian efforts to stage false footage

1. Video – Exposed: Pallywood Returns to Gaza

The most popular piece of content from HonestReporting in 2012 may have been the most important. The video depicted footage of a Palestinian man apparently hurt in Israel’s Pillar of Defense operation in Gaza being rushed to an ambulance, only to be seen seconds later walking around as though nothing had happened. Although the Reuters