3. Video – Searching for Israel’s Capital

The Guardian got our attention, first by referring to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city, then again by issuing a prompt correction, along with a statement declaring Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital. HR submitted a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), which then issued a shocking decision upholding The Guardian’s claim that Tel Aviv is, in fact, Israel’s capital.

While HonestReporting contemplated its next move, which ultimately resulted in a reversal by the PCC and a formal correction by The Guardian and a change in its official stylebook, we sent Special Projects Editor Yarden Frankl to Tel Aviv to find Israel’s capital. The results were featured in the video, Searching for Israel’s Capital, which included an entertaining cameo by Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv.

The updated ruling by the PCC set a precedent for the UK press against calling Tel Aviv Israel’s capital. It is now much harder for any British media outlet to refer to any city other than Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


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