4 Hezbollah Figures Indicted for Hariri Assassination

Rafik Hariri

Four Hezbollah figures are accused of assassinating Rafik Hariri as the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon issued its indictments. The Gulf News writes:

While the names of the accused were not disclosed by Mirza or any other Lebanese officials, media quoted ‘reliable’ sources in the prosecutor’s office as saying the four are security and military members of Hezbollah. The sources named Mustafa Badr Al Deen, Salim Al Ayyash, Hassan Aineysseh and Assad Sabra. The four names couldn’t be confirmed by other sources. Their whereabouts are unknown, analysts noted . . .

Lebanon, according to experts, now has 30 days to serve the arrest warrants. If the suspects are not arrested within that period, the STL will then make public the indictment and summon the suspects to appear before the court.

The Daily Star sheds some light on the foursome. Most interesting tidbits: Badr Al Deen is the prime suspect and is “credited” with training Imad Mughniyeh. And Ayyash holds a US passport.

If Hezbollah had plans to attack Israel as a diversion from the STL, I think the Syrian uprising made that gambit untenable.


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