5. Petition – UN False Photo Employee Must Go

One of the worse media offenses of the first half of 2012 was committed not by a member of the press but by an employee of the UN Office foir Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA).  When violence flared up between Israel and Hamas in March, Khulood Badawi, a field reporter for UNOCHA, tweeted a picture of a father carrying his blood-soaked daughter, implying that the girl had died in the violence of those days.

It turned out that the image was years old and had no connection to Israel, leading to more than 15,000 people signing our petition demanding that Badawi be fired. The issue was ultimately taken up by Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron Prosor, who publicly called on the UN to fire Badawi.

The UN responded by sending Badawi on extended leave. We’re still waiting for the UNOCHA to announce the results of its investigation into the matter.