5 Reasons The Guardian Has No Israel Coverage Today

Guardian-logo After days of overboard coverage and commentary in The Guardian, I found no Israel news there today. Nothing.

5 Reasons The Guardian Has No Israel Coverage Today

5. The paper exceeded Google regulations on the use of the words "Israel" and "occupation," causing problematic SEO fluctuations for the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement.

4. Actually, there was no news in the Mideast worth reporting.

3. Seth Freedman's take on the flotilla crashed the paper's computer network.

2. After telling a London rally she'd vomit if she saw Mark Regev's name again, Lauren Booth trashed the newsroom after seeing this headline:

Mark Regev, Israel's master of public relations

1. Chris McGreal's auto-reply says they're all sailing to Gaza on some Turkish boats.

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