5 Thoughts On Press Cards for Bloggers

There’s a lot of new hope that bloggers will be able to get media credentials from the Israeli Government Press Office. I’m excited by the possibility too, but here are some issues on my mind:

1. A press card is a tool that provides helpful access, but nothing more. It won’t make you a smarter blogger, think of the right questions to ask, or quickly write something meaningful.

2. Journalists have bylines, and are accountable to editors. Many anonymous bloggers are accountable to no one. I don’t want to see bloggers with press cards writing anonymously.

3. Freedom of expression and fair access works both ways. The GPO has to give cards to pro-Palestinian bloggers too.

4. Credentialed bloggers will be no less accountable to the IDF censor than rest of the professional journalists.

5. If the GPO doesn’t discriminate between journos and bloggers, neither will overzealous security guards.


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