Arafat’s Embezzlement and Funding of Terror

Attention American readers — Haaretz is reporting that CBS’s “60 Minutes” will report this Sunday night that “Arafat transfers $100,000 a month from funds directed to the Palestinian Authority to his wife Suha,” who lives the good life in Paris. “According to the report, Arafat has accumulated in his private accounts more than $800 million from aid originally appropriated to the Palestinian authority.”

And how about this: A BBC investigation found that the Arafat-led PA is funding the terrorist al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigade to the tune of $50,000 a month. The al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigade has admitted to at least 13 suicide bombings against Israeli citizens in the past three years.

Be sure to catch the 60 Minutes program, and express your concern to your elected officials that American funds continue to flow to Arafat’s corrupt, terror-enabling PA.

UPDATE: Here’s a transcript of the 60 Minutes program.