Digital Diplomats

We want you to make a video about Israel.

We are now nearly at the end of our Digital Diplomats Course. Since this course is about advocating, we ask you to put together material and use the Internet to create a powerful impact.

After you post your video, send us the link and any video that receives more then 10,000 views will be posted to the HonestReporting website. Makers of videos that recieve more then 2000 views will recieve free HonestReporting gear.

YouTube videos can have a huge impact. The IDF has its own YouTube channel. When the Gaza flotilla film footage received over 2 million views, the media could not ignore the facts of what happened.

But you don't have to be as big as the IDF to have an impact. The Parody video "We Con The World" was put together by a relatively small group and received over 2 million hits. A young Israeli woman on her own recorded "Only Israel" and received 800,000.

If you are not sure how, see this short clip about making a viral video. It can be as simple as talking into your web camera.

Here is a video I made in about 3 minutes - we received 68,000 views.

While just uploading your video on YouTube is great, you can use free tools to maximize your video's impact.

Here are some websites that offer tools you may find helpful:

  •  TubeMogul make it easy to upload your video to
a variety of sites at the same time.

  •  Cast Post allows you to upload and share your videos.

  •  Clip Shack offers all sorts of tools for tagging and sharing.

  •  Daily Motion can be helpful.

  •  Flukiest is a social networking site that allows users to share videos, photos and blogs.

  •  Meta Cafe allows you to upload and share videos with a broad audience.

  •  Podesk allows users to quickly create video "channels," so you can host your own content.

  •  Selfcast TV offers viewers the ability to download videos to portable devices like iPods.

  •  Shozu was designed for sharing videos from cell phones.

  •  Vimeo is yet another site for sharing videos.

  •  Stickam which enables you to upload videos, photos and music and to broadcast yourself live over the site.

While all the above sites can be helpful, a good video can go viral on its own. All you need is some interesting, compelling content that people will want to share with their friends.

So see what you can do. Remember, the video with the most YouTube views will be hosted on the HonestReporting website.

Good luck.

We hope you have enjoyed and benefited from this series of classes. You will soon receive a survey from us. Please take a few minutes to fill it out and let us know what you think of the course and how we can improve it.

On behalf of HonestReporting and Awesome Seminars, thank you for your time.

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