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HonestReporting and Awesome Seminars have teamed up to provide you with the Digital Diplomats course. In this six-part course, you will learn everything you need to use the Internet to become an effective advocate for Israel.

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Class 1 - C.H.A.R.M.

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C.H.A.R.M. stands for:

  •  Contradict

  •  Highlight Weaknesses

  •  Answer

  •  Reframe

  •  Message

It is the secret to responding to any anti-Israel accusation and getting your message across. In this class, Neil will walk you through how to C.H.A.R.M. your audience. We provide numerous examples of how this technique is used by professionals.

Class 3 - H.O.R.S.E.

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The charges against Israel that critics use can all be categorized into five areas:

  •  Human Rights

  •  Occupation

  •  Racism

  •  Settlements

  •  Extreme use of force

Remember the charges and how to respond to them by memorizing the simple acronym H.O.R.S.E. Neil goes over each issue with you as he takes you on a quick tour of Israel that illustrates these issues.

Class 5 - Running a Local Media Activism Campaign

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Neil interviews HonestReporting CEO Joe Hyams to find out how to run an effective media activism campaign. As head of HonestReporting, Joe draws from a wealth of experience with media activism. Joe explains how anyone who has a few minutes a day and an Internet connection can make a real difference in fighting anti-Israel media bias.


Class 2 - Internet Activism

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The Internet has revolutionized the way people share information and ideas. Neil teaches you how to find the information you need on the Internet and then share important information with people around the world. Numerous helpful Internet tools are provided.

Class 4 - D.I.S.T.O.R.T.

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There are seven main types of media bias that can be remembered with the acronym D.I.S.T.O.R.T. DISTORT stands for:

  •  Distorted context

  •  Imbalanced reporting

  •  Selective omission

  •  biased Terminology

  •  Opinions disguised as facts

  •  Reversal of time

  •  Trivialization of Israeli suffering

From the Jerusalem office of HonestReporting, Neil will show you examples of each type of bias.

Class 6 - Get Your Video on the HonestReporting Website

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In class 6, you put all that you have learned in Digital Diplomats into action. Make a Youtube video and upload it. The video that receives the most views will be hosted on the HonestReporting website.



Midst of a battle for public opinion – waged primarily via the media. To ensure Israel is represented fairly and accurately "HonestReporting" monitors the media, exposes cases of bias, promotes balance, and effects change through education and action.

When media bias occurs, our worldwide base of subscribers takes action by contacting news agencies, drawing issues of bias to their attention, and requesting changes. Media outlets, correspondents, and editors are now held accountable for biased reporting and are becoming more aware of the need for factual, impartial and fair reporting. Our subscribers also make use of our communiqués to bolster their own knowledge and understanding of the often complex issues.

The work of HonestReporting yields results. Since 2000, the organization has prompted hundreds of apologies, retractions, and revisions from news outlets. These efforts are changing the face of the media and reporting of Israel throughout the world.

The instructor for the course is Neil Lazarus of Neil Lazarus is one of Israel's leading keynote speakers.HonestReporting and are delighted to welcome you to the course.

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