June 15, 2010
Quotes of the Day

" We don't believe that
a country which attacked
a civilian convoy sailing in
international waters can
carry out an impartial
investigation. Israel's one-sided
inquiry is not valuable to us.

Time uses the Quotes of the Day section to again feature Turkish views on the flotilla episode.
Despite the absence of Israeli soldiers and settlers in the Gaza strip, Time believes it is still an “occupation force."
        With Gaza reliably supplied by sea, Israel could permanently seal off its land portals into the territory. That would
        mean walking away from its legal obligations as an occupation force, inviting yet more international opprobrium, but
        has the appeal of making the Gaza Strip someone else's problem. "

Is Time suggesting that Israel should have an open border with a hostile territory?
June 22, 2010
Who Wins, Who Loses If Israel Ends Its Gaza Siege

Time returns to its theme that the hardline Israel government will not offer a realistic peace agreement to the Palestinians.

         The glaring flaw in the moderates-vs.-radicals strategy, of course, is that the U.S. has been unwilling or unable to
         press Israel to offer a peace agreement with the Palestinians that is even minimally acceptable to any of the moderate
         Arab regimes, much less to their citizenry.

July 5, 2010
  Quotes of the Day

" [The Israelis] will either
apologize or acknowledge
an international, impartial
inquiry and its conclusion.
Otherwise, our diplomatic
ties will be cut off.

Another Quotes of the Day given to a Turkish official. Why doesn't Time ever feature an Israeli response?
July 6, 2010
  Quotes of the Day

" The reports about the
demise of the special
relationship aren't just
premature; they're just
flat wrong.

Finally Time allows a Quote of the Day from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.
July 14, 2010
  Obama's Mideast Challenge: Trying to Look Busy

In 2000, President Clinton invited Yassir Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Barack to Camp David for intense peace negotiations. According to Clinton Administration officials present, Arafat rejected an Israeli offer for a Palestinian State on 94% of the
West Bank with its capital in Jerusalem. Yet this generous offer is considered – by Time – to be a "trap." Hence the
Palestinians current reluctance to move forward:

         Abbas clearly fears a trap similar to the one Palestinian leaders believe was laid for Yasser Arafat in 2000.
         Prime Minister Ehud Barak, now Netanyahu's Defense Minister, said after the failure of that year's Camp David
         talks that his real purpose in pushing for the summit, despite ample evidence beforehand that it would fail, was
         to "reveal Arafat's true face." In other words, to ensure that the Palestinian side was blamed for the failure to
         conclude the Oslo peace process, thus removing any pressure on the Israelis to end the occupation.

Again, Israel is to blame for a lack of progress, not Palestinian's extreme demands.
July 20, 2010
  Quotes of the Day

" The sea belongs
to everybody,
not only to Israel.

Another quotation (with accompanying picture of armed Israeli solider next to woman in a bikini) that reflects
   poorly on Israel without context.
Time again returns to the theme that Israel must accept the self-defined minimum Palestinian conditions for a peace agreement.

         Palestinian reticence is grounded in a well-founded belief that Netanyahu has no intention of offering what the Palestinians          consider their minimum requirements for a credible peace;

We ask again, why are Palestinian demands deemed "credible," while those of Israel are dismissed? The Palestinians have made
clear that they will insist on a return of millions of refugees to Israel hence dooming the future of the Jewish State. Israel's
minimum demands are for Palestinian recognition of it as a Jewish State and security arrangements so that Israel cannot be
attacked from land given up. Yet we never see Time noting that Palestinians are unwilling to accept minimum Israeli
requirements for a credible peace. 
August 10, 2010
  Netanyahu Digs Deeper Hole at Gaza Flotilla Inquiry
Here is how Time described the flotilla incident in this article:

         The cause of the embarrassment was a previous humiliation - the flotilla fiasco of May 31, the early morning when hapless          Israeli commandos killed nine Turkish activists in international waters off the blockaded Gaza Strip.

"Humiliation," fiasco," "hapless," these are the words that Time chooses to characterize the raid on the flotilla. No comment
on the fact that at the end of the incident, all the ships were captured and despite excessive violence from those aboard,
no Israeli soldiers were killed. As a major publication, Time could have taken the lead in showing the pictures of what really happened. They could have published the images and videos that clearly showed the soldiers acting in self defense. Again
one must ask is Time a news journal or a series of anti-Israel editorials?
The article above calls on the U.S. to reach out to Iran, Syria, Hamas and other traditional foes. The article cites a
   public opinion poll that shows an overwhelming number of Arabs think that Iran has the right to nuclear weapons. This is
   given as the basis for a shift in U.S. policy to stop isolating radical regimes and groups. In order to gain stability, the
   article argues, it would be best to act more in line with what the majority in these polls are saying. It is a rather odd
   conclusion and one that would be more appropriately offered in an opinion piece.

August 13, 2010
  Gaza's Siege Mentality: Not Deprivation but Desperation

There is no question that continuing conflict has had an impact on the mental health of Palestinians. The article points out:

         Gaza's residents will concede that there is no hunger crisis in the Strip. Residents do love the beach, and the store shelves
         are stocked. But if you're focused on starvation, they say, you're probably missing the point. To them, the word prison
         speaks more to the effect that years of conflict and political and economic isolation have had on the Gaza psyche.
         "We are talking about continuous stress and ongoing trauma," says Hasan Zeyada, a psychologist at the Gaza
         Community Mental Health Program (GCMHP), the territory's main psychological treatment and research NGO.
         "It's not one incident, but all of the time. We are at a continuous level of high stress and human-rights violations
         and traumas through Israeli invasions and war."

Yet two critical elements are missing from the article. First is that Hamas and its continuing hostility towards Israel that
caused the conflict and are perpetuating it. Second is that the same mental health problems that afflict Gaza's residents
have also been found among Israels who were the victims of a relentless Hamas rocket attack. Without even a mention of this important context, the article can't help but lay the blame for the issues described clearly at Israel's feet.  
August 17, 2010
  Quotes of the Day

" This shows the
mentality of the
occupier to be
proud of humiliating

The quotation was in reaction to an Israeli soldiers posting of pictures of Palestinian prisoners on her Facebook account. By highlighting this quote, it gives the impression that all Israelis enjoy “humiliating Palestinians.” The truth is that this incident
was condemned by the Israeli government and there have been legal proceedings against other examples of soldiers acting
this way. It is yet another Quote of the Day reflecting negatively on Israel.
August 22, 2010
  Israeli-Palestinian Talks Face a Big “So What?"

Time published yet another article that blames Israel's "hardline" government for failure to advance the peace process.

         But no one sees any new spirit of compromise winning over a majority of the seven ministers who make up Netanyahu's                   "security cabinet," larded as it is with hard-liners from religious and nationalist parties who make his ruling coalition so
         very right wing

         .... Abbas, like most Palestinians, is wary of the Israelis using endless talks as a p.r. front, appeasing a watching world
         while continuing to have its way on the ground.

Time omits that Netanyahu and his security cabinet had already approved a ten month freeze on new construction in the settlements. The government had also accepted the concept of a Palestinian State. This again is not mentioned by Time.

         The article concludes with: "It's all bulls___," says a Ramallah businessman awakened from a midday Ramadan nap at
         his desk. "Our land keeps getting smaller and smaller. They steal our water. And what do we get?" He declines to give his          name before heading back to sleep with a weary wave of his hand. "I've been in jail enough times."

Time lets this person accuse Israel of arresting him for giving interviews. Rather than try and fact check his statement, they
use it to conclude an article that accuses Israel of foot dragging in the peace process.
August 25, 2010
  Quotes of the Day

" We cannot punish tens
of thousands of citizens
who have served in the
army and live in legal

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is given a rare opportunity to provide an Israeli perspective.