HonestReporting Advertising Opportunities and Terms

Vertical Banner 120x600

Thanks for your inquiry about advertising with HonestReporting. We are the world’s largest community of media focused Israel content. We have over 160,000 subscribers who receive our weekly e-mails. Over 100,000 visitors arrive at our website every month. 47% are from the United States, 12% are from Israel, 10% are from Canada, another 10% are from the United Kingdom and thousands of others come from Australia, South Africa, and all over the world. Our numbers are climbing all the time.

Some House Rules

  • All ads must be approved by HonestReporting. We do not accept ads that we feel would conflict with HonestReporting’s mission or would be received unfavorably by our readers.
  • We try and accommodate scheduling preferences, but may not always be able to based on prior commitments or breaking news.
  • All numbers are approximate since every day there are slight changes to our subscriber numbers.

Banners on HonestReporting’s Website (Homepage and Internal)

Eye catching, the Homepage Headline Banner is in a prime location with a generous size. Click here to see the current banner in the black area with our Top Stories. At 75 by a full 520 pixels long, whatever content the viewer is reading, your ad is right there. Our price is $240 per week. Click here for arrangements to get your ad seen by our international audience.

Our Vertical Banner (seen above left) is a long ad for the site homepage or internal pages. We can place one and leave space or place two of these side by side. 120 pixels wide by a full 600 high. Click here for arrangements to get your ad on HonestReporting.com.

Homepage Headline Banner 520x75

284x264 Sidebar Banner

Our Big Picture Banner can be placed on HonestReporting’s homepage or elsewhere on the site. At 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high, viewers get the widest possible angle on your promotional content. It’s wider than this column allows; a visual example can be found at the bottom of our homepage. Click here for placement terms and prices.

The Sidebar Banner (seen to the left) is a popular option matching standard dimensions. It is exactly 284 pixels wide by 264 high. Click here for placement terms and prices.

Banners on HonestReporting Weekly Communiques

This is a great way to get your ad noticed since ads run alongside HonestReporting’s own content. These ads are seen by over 150,000 subscribers and can be linked to your own webpage.

Priority Email Banner 300x250

Banners sizes are generous. Choose from 300×250 pixels or 400×68 pixels.

The Priority Banner, 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high, is seen full-size to the right. The size and delivery ensure views of your ad which runs on top of our weekly content. Click the image or click here for ad prices to send this ad to our whole list or part of our list.

The Footer Banner is seen full-size below. An economical yet effective way to get your message out packaged at the foot of HonestReporting’s content. 400 pixels wide, the ad covers the entire width of HonestReporting’s fresh weekly content. Click the image or click here for ad prices to send this ad to our whole list or part of our list.

Footer Email Banner 400x68

Stand Alone HTML sent to our opt-out promotion list

Client must provide page in HTML format with subject line.

  • Full List (150,000 addresses): $2,800
  • Half List (75,000 addresses) $1,800
  • Partial List (50,000 addresses): $1,200

For details on placing your ads on our website, please contact ads@honestreporting.com.