AFP Joins Suha Arafat’s Charm Offensive

Suha Arafat’s charm offensive continued with an interview on Egyptian TV. Cue the violins: YNet News describes how Mrs. Arafat even trotted out her out her 16-year-old daughter, Zahwa.

The interview also exposed Arafat’s only daughter, Zahwa, for the first time. Although she was present during one part of the interview, her mother made sure Zahwa would not utter a sound. “She wants to be a lawyer. Having seen what they did to me, she has absolutely no interest in politics,” Suha noted, adding that her daughter loves literature and art.

At one point in the interview, Zahwa presented Suha with her report card. This caused Arafat to become emotional and she said had Zahwa’s father been alive he would have been proud.

The lump’s in my throat too. This warm, fuzzy AFP portrait dried my tears.

In real world, the story is whether Suha Arafat will answer Tunisian charges of corruption for which there is a warrant for her arrest, and respond to allegations that she stole Palestinian money (which YNet doesn’t elaborate on).

The issue is not Zahwa, Yasser Arafat’s legacy, or the Arab Spring. 

Zahwa and AFP were willingly used for this charmless offense.


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