If the NY Times Posts a Correction, Does It Make a Sound?

E1 mapPerhaps someone at the NY Times was hung over from a Mayan apocalypse party.

Less than a week after apologizing for saying that Israeli development in E1 would cut the West Bank in two, the New York Times repeated the mistake.

In today’s staff editorial.

The approvals follow an announcement late last month that Israel would continue planning for new development in the E1 area — a project northeast of Jerusalem that would split the West Bank and prevent the creation of a viable contiguous Palestinian state.

You can’t blame Jodi Rudoren for this fumble.

The  paper’s entitled to criticize E1. But even opinions have to be based on accurate info.

Unfortunately, corrections rarely get the same attention as the original (flawed) articles. If the NY Times publishes a correction, does it even make a sound in its own newsroom?

The Gray Lady has some ‘splaining to do. They’ll have to issue another correction.

I emailed public editor Margaret Sullivan. Stay tuned.

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