Ambassador Taub: Anti-Semitic “Sickness” in the UK Media

Daniel Taub

Addressing the Big Tent Israel advocacy conference in Manchester, UK, Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub said the following:

When a leading newspaper publishes antisemitic words, such as we heard on the release of Gilad Shalit alleging that this deal shows that Zionists values the lives of the ‘chosen’ more than it values the lives of anyone else – as if we wouldn’t have begged to reduce the number of terrorists that should have been released – yes, that’s insulting to Israel, but more than that, it’s a sign of a great sickness inside media and inside British journalism.

Ambassador Taub has got it spot on, referring to the despicable Guardian piece by Deborah Orr that caused so much anger. But it goes far beyond that particular article.

That so much of HonestReporting’s output is dominated by UK media may very well be a clear sign that there is indeed a great sickness inside British journalism.