Another Jenin

This weekend confirmed that Palestinian propaganda efforts have succeeded in turning the ongoing IDF operation in southern Gaza into another version of the infamous ‘Jenin massacre’ lie of 2002, which was characterized by manipulation of photos, statistics, sources of fire and identity of the dead. Consider:

* House demolitions: The IDF says that since the beginning of Operation Rainbow, a total of five houses have been demolished, all structures used by terrorists to shoot at troops or detonate bombs. So what about those pictures? IDF spokesman Brig.-Gen. Shmuel Zakai:

almost all of the footage broadcast by the Palestinians to the world were of houses demolished during the past three and a half years, and not recently.

“They recycled old footage in order to generate international pressure in an attempt to prevent the operation from taking place or minimize it as much as possible,” said Zakai.

Case in point: ‘1,100 Palestinian Gaza Homes Destroyed in 10 Days’ Did the UNRWA once again get taken for a ride by the Palestinian propagandists? Let’s see:

Municipal officials said at least 43 homes were demolished and dozens more damaged in the camp this week. The army said five houses were destroyed after they were used as cover by militants to attack troops.

Where in the world did the UN get the 1,100 figure from, if even the Palestinian officials claim only 43 homes destroyed?! And in terms of numbers of people made homeless, how do 43 homes translate into 1650 homeless? That’s 38 people per home!

* Death of 3-year old girl on Saturday:

“The Palestinians lodged a complaint with the district liaison office, but to our knowledge and according to initial findings no soldiers shot in the vicinity where the girl was located,” a military official said.

But AP reports, ‘Child Shot in Gaza As Incursion Continues’ — suggesting IDF culpability.

* No reports on IDF humanitarian efforts in Rafah