AP Spins Hebron

Kofi Annan called it a “despicable terrorist attack.” The Pope called it a “vile attack.” The U.S. State Department called it a “heinous crime.”

The Associated Press was far less sympathetic. In a report that went out to 6,500 news agencies worldwide — and was reproduced in the Washington Post, MSNBC.com, and hundreds of other media — AP’s Jason Keyser characterized the city of Hebron as follows:

“Hebron, to the south of Jerusalem, has long been a volatile place filled with religious and political tensions. Muslims here are among the most devout and the Jewish settlers among the most radical.”

What is the source for Keyser’s biased assertion?! Perhaps the city’s Muslims — who had just massacred 12 Jews — are the most radical, and the Jews of Hebron — who are perpetuating a Jewish presence in Judaism’s second holiest city — are the most devout.

AP’s Keyser then comes up with this adaptation of history:

“In 1994, Jewish settler Baruch Goldstein shot dead 29 Muslim worshippers before being beaten to death. The massacre sparked riots that lasted for days and helped spawn the phenomenon of suicide bombings against Israelis.”

Read closely. The blame for hundreds of Palestinian suicide bombings — termed by Human Rights Watch as a “crime against humanity” — lies with a Jew.

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