AP apologizes for Arafat

Yassir Arafat made this statement to Palestinians on national TV Saturday:

“Find what strength you have to terrorize your enemy and the enemy of God.”

The Associated Press informs readers how to understand Arafat’s call to terror:

Arafat, whom Israel accuses of supporting militant groups, did not appear to be calling for new attacks on Israel. The passage in the Quran refers to the early Muslims’ wars against pagans and is frequently invoked by Islamic leaders today to encourage strength in times of conflict.

‘To encourage strength’ via ‘terrorizing your enemy’? Yes, that has indeed been the modus operandi of Islamic leaders. But AP would have readers believe the ‘terrorize’ part was just some kind of detached, metaphorical rhetoric. What context is this reporter living in?! Is this PA apologist Saeb Arekat speaking, or an Associated Press reporter?!

Interesting how AP feels compelled to bring historical context into its reporting only when it’s necessary to soften up a clear Islamist call for murder.

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