AP sarcasm reserved for Israelis

The Associated Press ran an article on Jewish Gaza residents that is just dripping with sarcasm:

A day after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Jewish settlements in Gaza would have to be removed, the settlers threw open their heavily guarded electric gates Tuesday to show they are just ordinary suburban folk who want peace – but will never leave this land.

Many say they do not believe Sharon is sincere, but just in case, they launched a full-scale counterattack with cookies, glossy brochures and media-savvy English speakers.

The reporter encourages the reader to join him in reveling in the fact that he wasn’t taken in by the sneaky, ‘media-savvy settlers’. Why is such tendentious treatment reserved for this community?

And when was the last time an absurd Palestinian statement was actively undercut like this?:

“It’s a town. I never understood the word settlement. It’s a town like suburban Long Island, like suburban London,” [Anita Tucker] said.

Tucker’s small town is protected by a triple layer of curled razor wire, electric fencing and a tall metal fence, its entrance guarded by soldiers.

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