Arafat’s official website

MEMRI brings our attention to the official website of Prisedent [sic] Yassir Arafat, complete with pictures and a historical profile.

Our favorite section is a page on Arafat’s ‘daily chores’:

“Daily Working Hours: Colleagues of Mr. President say that he finds utter pleasure in pursuing all his people’s issues all day long and part of the night, in normal days. Hardly can he find time for his family and comfort.

“Political Aspect: The President watches daily and directly over the crucial Palestinian people’s issues. H.E. has a special priority for the peace process and its developments and follow up the concluded agreements…Mr. President keeps track of work development in the all the country’s departments; in particular, the judicial and legislative authorities as an inception to set a state of institutions and law. Primarily, he cares for following up the constitution of the state of Palestine in collaboration with the Arab League. The president devotes himself to meet rulers and presidents of the Arab and foreign countries to acquaint with the recent developments on the Palestinian arena and the Middle East peace process to gain more support for the Palestinian cause.

“Social Aspect: The President adheres to be available at all national, religious and social occasions. His Excellency pays a special attention to the handicapped, the prisoners and the martyrs’ families, in addition to supervising the setting up of several societies and departments to improve their health and living conditions.”