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Join us for an Exclusive Security Field Tour Simon Plosker Backspin,HR Events Gaza,Grisha Yakubovich,HonestReporting field trips 0
Eyeless in Gaza: HR Co-Sponsors New York Premiere Screening Simon Plosker Backspin,HR Events,Recent Features Alison Bailes,Eyeless in Gaza,Gaza conflict,Hamas,intimidation,Julie Hazan,Linda Scherzer,media bias,Morris S. Levy,New York,Paul Glader,Philos Project,Robert Magid 0
HR Prompts Business Insider Gaza Settlement Correction Simon Plosker Backspin,Media Critiques Business Insider,distorted facts,Gaza,settlements,success 0
HonestReporting’s Top Content of 2016 Pesach Benson Backspin,Featured Ayman Moyheldin,CBS News,Channel M6,Facebook,Fighting BDS,G1,HonestReporting,HonestReporting Brasil,HonestReporting France,Israel Daily News Stream,MSNBC,news literacy,Temple Mount,Twitter,UNESCO,wildfires 0
How a Conflict-Driven Israel Dialogue Warps ‘Israelity’ and How Wild and Wacky Odd News Stories Can Balance the Picture GuestPost Backspin,Featured Chelm-on-the-Med Online,comedy,Daniella Ashkenazy,israel 0
HR North American Executive Director to Retire Simon Plosker Backspin Gary Kenzer,HonestReporting 0
HR’s Security Field Trip with IDF Colonel Daniel Pomerantz Backspin behind the headlines,Gaza,Grisha Yakubovich,HonestReporting field trips,Israel-Palestinian conflict,peace,terrorism,West Bank 0
Grand Opening for HonestReporting’s New York Office Simon Plosker Backspin,HR Events HonestReporting,Joe Hyams,Julie Hazan,New York 2
The Times of London Corrects Entebbe Hostage Error Simon Plosker Backspin,Media Critiques distorted facts,Entebbe,Shimon Peres,success,The Times of London 3
HR Brazil Prompts Correction to Biased History in O Globo Tamara Stern Backspin,Media Critiques Acre,Brazil,British Mandate,Chile,israel,O Globo,palestine,soccer 0
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