Arrest of a Hamas "Politician"?

As Israel arrested Hamas founding father Mohammed Taha and his three sons, some media tried to whitewash Taha’s calls for “jihad” by placing him in Hamas’ “political” — rather than “military” — wing.

This distinction is of course transparent, as this AP file photo shows Taha flanked by a rocket-launcher:

Further, the IDF reported that an M-16 rifle and an explosive belt were found inside Taha’s house. Yet in HonestReporting’s review of the major media, we found only one such reference (in the Washington Post).

HonestReporting encourages members to monitor your local media to see how they characterize Taha’s activities. And the media should be questioned for omitting the incriminating fact that weapons of terror were found inside Taha’s house.


The San Jose Mercury News published a reader’s letter (Feb. 23) inaccurately claiming that Israel is not providing gas masks to (in the reader’s words) “the 20 percent of Israeli citizens who made the mistake of being born Arab Israelis.” Read it at:

Ironically, the San Jose Mercury News linked to a report verifying that Israeli Arabs have in fact been issued gas masks. Read it at:

To request a correction, call the San Jose Mercury News: (408) 920-5835

Thanx to HR member Bob Z. for the alert.

Update: Following HonestReporting’s critique, the San Jose Mercury News has published a letter to the editor (along with an editor’s note) admitting that Israel is in fact distributing gas masks to Israeli Arabs.
Online at:

Protest Against NPR’s Biased Coverage of Israel

On Thurs., March 27, public demonstrations will be held outside National Public Radio stations to protest NPR’s biased coverage of Israel.

To date, demonstrations are being organized in: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Detroit, St. Louis, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Denver, Boulder, Bridgeport, Hartford, Providence, and Boston.

These demonstrations have two goals: to make the public aware of NPR’s biased Mideast coverage, and to persuade NPR to cover Israel more accurately and fairly.

For info on how to organize a rally in your city, contact:



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