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3. Clayton Swisher, Al-Jazeera

  Clayton Swisher tweeted the claim that Palestinian rocket attacks at Israeli civilians were legal under the laws of war. In actuality, if there is one aim to restricting what can and can’t be...

December 3, 2012 15:51 By :

4. Palestinian Propagandists

While Palestinian propagandists have never been shy about parading images of their dead and wounded in order to gain sympathy from the world, the current conflict marks a new low. One of fastest spreading...

December 3, 2012 15:49 By :

5. Steve Bell, The Guardian

When it comes to building a Hall of Shame in coverage of the media war against Israel, you can always count on The Guardian to compete for a high place on the list. And this year is no exception. This...

December 3, 2012 15:45 By :

6. Anthony De Rosa, Reuters columnist and social media editor

While mainstream media had no shortage of concern for Palestinian civilians at the expense of Israelis, a single tweet by Anthony De Rosa, an editor at Reuters, took insensitivity to a whole new level. Of...

December 3, 2012 15:43 By :

7. John Cook, Gawker

While Israel takes extraordinary efforts to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza – as evidenced by the low number of Palestinians killed in more than a thousand Israeli airstrikes – no effort will...

December 3, 2012 15:40 By :

8. TechCrunch

Many technology websites noted that the IDF used Twitter to declare war on Hamas. TechCrunch, a highly-read technology blog (no. 6 on Technorati’s list of top 100 blogs) took the issue one step further,...

December 3, 2012 15:34 By :

9. Seamus Milne, Guardian columnist

It takes a man of extraordinary bias to look at thousands of rockets flying into Israeli cities, and to conclude, despite all evidence, that it’s the Palestinians and not the Israelis who have the right...

December 3, 2012 15:27 By :

10. Chris Hughes, The Mirror

Granted unprecedented access to the front lines of Israel’s troop positions near the Gaza border, Hughes’ seemed to be describing a military build-up on the scale of the raid on Normandy. Take the...

December 3, 2012 15:20 By :

New York Times Redefines the Word Journalist

What’s the difference between a journalist and a propagandist?

November 26, 2012 14:49 By :

More Media Fails: Hall of Shame Welcomes Five New Members

We round up our Hall of Shame with a further five new entries.

November 22, 2012 15:24 By :