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9. Communique – Top Five Media Fails of Gaza War

9. Communique – Top Five Media Fails of Gaza War

Like all Arab-Israeli conflicts, the battle for hearts and minds in Operation Pillar of Defense took place alongside the military battle. Of course, it also included a numerous cases of false or distorted information getting out to the general public. We rounded up the five worst cases during the first week of the war. As


8. Communique – Israel Made Me Beat My Wife

In some quarters, Israel can do no right, and the Palestinians can do no wrong. So we shouldn’t be surprised when The Guardian blames Israel for domestic abuse in Palestinian society: “Before the blockade, my husband used to make good money working in Israel,” she says. “With the blockade, that all stopped. When he can’t

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7. Video – How to Fake an Anti-Israel News Photo

Photo bias has been one of the worst areas of media bias in recent years. While the number of images that have been distorted through photoshop have dropped in recent years, there has been no shortage in staged photos that intentionally present Israel in a bad light. It’s even worse when the staged photos are