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When in Doubt, Blame the Jews…or the Settlements

It may not beat the unbridled anti-Semitism expressed by British peer, Lord Nazir Ahmed, who, according to the Times of London, blamed Jews “who own newspapers and TV channels” for his 2009 jail sentence for his role in a fatal car accident. But you have to give Guardian assistant editor Michael White credit for trying.


The Need to Counter ‘Incendiary Rhetoric’ Against Israel

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who’s made bashing Israel a spectator sport for Israel haters, raised some eyebrows recently when he blithely referred to Zionism as a “crime against humanity.” Secretary of State John Kerry issued a mild protest, saying, “We not only disagree with it. We found it objectionable” and that it made


Khulood Badawi Finally Fired from UN

Nearly a full year after HonestReporting exposed False Photo Tweeter Khulood Badawi as a staff member of the Jerusalem branch of the UN Office of Coordinated Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the UN has concluded its lengthy investigation and removed Badawi from its staff. Badawi gained attention last March during an uptick in violence between Israel and


Another Dispiriting Lesson from the New York Times

In a staff-ed in Tuesday’s New York Times, editors argue that a “dispiriting lesson” from Chuck Hagel’s nomination process is that “the political space for discussing Israel forthrightly is shrinking.” But a deeper look at the language the Times’ uses in the editorial reveals another dispiriting lesson – the Times continues to apply a double


HR Awarded ‘Hasby” for Best Media Monitor

HonestReporting is proud to announce that we’ve been named Best Mainstream Media Watchdog in Elder of Ziyon’s annual “Hasby” Awards. In a close race, HR beat out fellow nominees BBC Watch, CIF Watch, CAMERA, David G Daily Mideast Media Sampler, and Huffington Post monitor. Other winners included the Times of Israel for Best English Language Pro-Israel


HonestReporting Hits Weekend with Three Media Appearances

It was a banner week for HonestReporting in the media, with HR Managing Editor Simon Plosker publishing no less than two op-eds on Thursday alone. The following day, the Jerusalem Post singled out HonestReporting for praise for its work on behalf of HR’s image abroad. Plosker’s op-ed in the Times of Israel examined the media’s


10. CBS 60 Minutes: An Unholy Attack on Israel

Although 60 Minutes enjoys a strong reputation for hard-hitting journalism, it doesn’t always live up to its lofty status. It’s report on the flight of Christians in the holy land was a case-in-point. The report blamed Israel’s security barrier for much of the Christian plight in the West Bank and ignored or downplayed the role