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Capture - Al Dura

2. Video – al-Dura: What Really Happened

2. Video – al-Dura: What Really Happened

Our oldest video, originally posted five years ago as background on the controversial al-Dura case, drew more viewers in 2012 than almost everything we did last year. Of course, it’s as relevant today as it was when we first made it. The video chronicles the beginning of “Pallywood” – Palestinian efforts to stage false footage

Capture - Pallywood2

1. Video – Exposed: Pallywood Returns to Gaza

The most popular piece of content from HonestReporting in 2012 may have been the most important. The video depicted footage of a Palestinian man apparently hurt in Israel’s Pillar of Defense operation in Gaza being rushed to an ambulance, only to be seen seconds later walking around as though nothing had happened. Although the Reuters