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Your Daily Dose of PA Spokesman Idiocy

Palestinian cabinet spokesman Ghassan Khatib on the death of Jawaher Abu-Rahma: "There is only one message conveyed by them and this is that the case was a typical one of tear gas inhalation." Typical? How is that possible when death from tear gas is virtually unknown?

Melanie Phillips: Blunt Talk

Melanie Phillips was on Israeli TV, discussing Israel's public diplomacy, and other issues. All I can say is, Wow. I'm not surprised. At a recent HonestReporting conference, her keynote speech had bloggers buzzing.

Sky News Raises a Stink in Bilin

UPDATE Jan. 9, 1:05 pm: Here's an IDF video of the incident. Doesn't look symbolic to me, and Waghorn's description of people throwing stones strikes me as under-stated, to say the least. * * * Friday marked the first Bilin fence protest since the day Jawaher Abu Rahma died. Sky News crew was on hand,

The 2011 Pro-Israel Blog-Off

If you film videos, record podcasts or write blog posts and you care about Israel, heads up. IsraellyCool's organizing the 2011 Pro-Israel Blog-off, a showcase of the best Israel advocacy online. HonestReporting's a sponsor, which means I can't enter (big sigh), but you can. Aussie Dave explains the contest in a nutshell: Bloggers are invited

Gaza Youth Rages Against Hamastan

A group of Gaza youth chafing under Islamist restrictions exploded after Hamas forcibly shut down an internationally-financed youth group. An angry manifesto and video is catching the Big Media's attention. Links, videos and more details at The Lede.

New Mossad Chief Going to the Animals

You'll smile when you read why Tim Marshall of Sky News reports that the new Mossad chief is Dr. Dolittle. If you thought Meir Dagan's replacement was Tamir Pardo, think again. Arab conspiracy theories make for animal house politics in the Mideast.

Personal Thoughts on 2010 Blogging

Doing research for the 2010 Dishonest Reporter awards had me going back on a year´s worth of blogging. With the benefit of hindsight, I looked at posts in terms of the issues and angles I raised (and didn´t) and the way I expressed myself (memo to me: use more first-person). So I had to switch

Palestinians Caught In Another Libel?

Did Jawaher Abu Rahma really die from inhaling tear gas or is this yet another Big Lie? It wouldn't be the first time Palestinian deaths blamed on the IDF have turned out to be, at best, mistaken, or worse, outright libels. See HonestReporting's latest communique: Palestinians Caught In Another Libel?

January 4 Links

> Women Fighters Willing to Die For Gaza> Visiting Dubai Journalist: PA Is Like Europe> 2 At J'lem British Consulate Charged with Aiding Hamas> Stanley Fischer on Israel's Brain Drain> "How Can You Defend Israel?" Part II> Israel Focuses Its Energy On Clean Technologies> Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Less a Hotbed of Militancy> Saudis

Thoughts On the Katsav Conviction

Sholto Byrnes of the New Statesman astounds me with his take on Moshe Katsav's conviction: The conviction last week of the country's eighth president, Moshe Katsav, of rape, is described in today's Jerusalem Post as "staining the reputation of Israel and its citizens". But once one passes the initial reaction – of horror that so