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MSM Still Using Casualty Figures Hamas Conceded Were Wrong

AFP picks up on the latest IDF air strike on a Gaza rocket squad. This background snippet is woefully off: The strike was one of the most deadly since Israel's 22-day war against Gaza's Hamas rulers, dubbed Operation Cast Lead, which began at the end of December 2008 and cost the lives of 1,400 Palestinians,

Palestinian Media Watch Still Gamed By YouTube

Dr Andre Oboler ( is the Director of the Community Internet Engagement Project at the Zionist Federation of Australia. He is global expert in social media and internet based antisemitism. HonestReporting asked him to bring our readers up to speed on the developing YouTube / PMW revelations. On Sunday, YouTube acted to close a channel

The Demise of Delicious and the Consolidation of Social Media

HonestReporting's social media editor, Alex Margolin, contributes occasional posts on social media issues. He oversees HonestReporting on Facebook. When social media sites began to gain traction on the Internet around 2006, it was unclear which ones would emerge as the leaders of the pack and which would be consigned to support roles in Internet culture.

Yule Drool

Going to a fence protest dressed up as Santa is guaranteed to get you photographed. Now what would it take for a picture of St. Nick protesting PA corruption or Hamas authoritarianism to hit the wires? A Palestinian man dressed in a Santa Claus outfit and holding a Palestinian flag protests behind Israeli soldiers during

Has Social Media Become Part of the Media Establishment?

HonestReporting's social media editor, Alex Margolin, contributes occasional posts on social media issues. He oversees HonestReporting on Facebook. At the end of 2009, many media prognosticators predicted that 2010 would be the year social media would finally lose its outsider status and become part of “The Media” at large. Did it happen? Well, people still

Israeli Treasury Hits Journos In Their Pockets

I wasn't aware of this, but foreign reporters in Israel get a tax-exemption for their first three years in the country. Treasury officials are likely to change that. Dominic Waghorn of Sky News makes a compelling case against changing the regulations. He points out it would cause many reporters to move their base of of

Time’s Fond Farewell For Fadlallah

It’s that time of the year when magazines wish a “fond farewell” to the VIPs and celebrities who died in 2010. Mine are primarily for Leslie Nielsen, Gary Coleman and George Steinbrenner. But the way Time magazine frames its two-paragraph obituary for Hezbollah’s Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah is off the deep end. The man’s final

Lebanese Apartheid Against Palestinians: By the Numbers

It's been known for years that Lebanon treats Palestinian refugees like dirt. A new study by the American University of Beirut and the UNRWA confirms the effects of "Lebanese apartheid." The Daily Star and an AUB press release summarize the key findings: 425,000: Palestinian refugees registered as living in Lebanon.260,000 – 270,000: Refugees actually living

Morning Reading

> Bethlehem Tourism Swells as Violence EbbsA record year for Bethlehem tourism, and the Christmas surge is still to come. > Stuxnet Virus Set Back Iran’s Nuclear Program By Two YearsExpert says the damage, without any fatalities, was more effective than a military strike. > West Bank Shows There Is a Military Solution to Terror"What