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Radio Canada: ‘Israel Bears No Resemblance to Iran and Sudan’

It should be obvious that Israel has nothing in common with Iran and Sudan, but it wasn't the case with Radio-Canada's Simon Durivage. Durivage apologized for inapporpriately equating the countries after HonestReporting Canada readers took action. More importantly than the apology, however, the Radio-Canada ombudsman's review (pdf format) sets an important precedent: "Radio-Canada acknowledged that

Reuters Fails On Failed Terror

Reuters lists a few failed "militant" attacks in the last decade. Care to guess what two items are missing? Firstly, the word "terror" doesn't appear anywhere. No surprise there. After 9/11, Reuters news chief Stephen Jukes wrote to his staff that We all know that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and that

December 13 Links

> Iran Hardliners Threaten to Ruin Jewish ShrineQueen Esther's tomb to be destroyed if Israel damages the Al-Aqsa mosque, say Islamist students. > Wikileaks: Israel Offered to Cease Overflights for US IntelTurns out the US was overflying Lebanese airspace too. > The UN's 9/11 InsultWhy convene Durban III in NY next September? "To rub salt

Hamas Freeloads Off Red Cross Jerusalem HQ

Three Hamas MPs are freeloading at a Red Cross office in eastern Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Post writes: During their time at the Red Cross, the politicians have held regular Friday prayer services attended by large crowds of Jerusalem residents; greeted visiting dignitaries, including former American president Jimmy Carter and a Jordanian envoy; and held photo

AP Stringer Calls Abbas’s Bluff

UPDATE 1:25 p.m. I just spotted Maan News reporting a PA gag order on coverage. Many Palestinian editors and journalists have been warned against making any public reference to the power struggle between President Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah leader Muhamad Dahlan, an Israeli newspaper reported Sunday. The story in question is by the Jerusalem Post's

Turkish Premier is a Zionist Tool

Turkish PM Erdogan is a Zionist tool, according to the country's former premier. Necmettin Erbakan, told The Zaman: The soured relationship with Israel and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an's tough line with the Jewish state are all part of a façade to deceive the Turkish public, former Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan has claimed. In an

Wikileaks: Syrian Human Shields Protect Hezbollah Facilities

The latest Wikileaks revelation comes from NaharNet: If rockets were to rain down on Israeli civilians in Tel Aviv, Israel would still have powerful incentives, as it did in 2006, to keep Syria out of the conflict, but it might also face compelling reasons for targeting Hizbullah facilities in Syria, some of which are in