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Israel Daily News Stream 03/04/2012

Israel Daily News Stream 03/04/2012

Welcome to all of the new readers of the IDNS, our daily roundup of everything you need to know about how the media is covering Israel, all in one place for easy reference, delivered directly to your inbox every morning. We are pleased to share our internal roundup with all of our readers. Western journalists


Is the Syrian First Lady Discussing Death in Homs or Gaza?

A very clever video. The Lede explains what this is all about: A video blogger has remixed footage of an interview Asma al-Assad gave to CNN in 2009, in which Syria’s British-born first lady decried the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, to make it seem as if she was speaking out against the violent crackdown on

“Let Us Compare Assad to Israel”

As the Syrian death machine relentlessly rolls on, Tariq Alhomayed hits the nail on the head about Arab hypocrisy. Let us compare Assad to Israel. Let us pause here in front of this state of mad dictatorship, and compare it with what Israel has committed against us in recent times, and I say recent times as


Media Cheat Sheet 02/26/2012

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Benny Morris explains why you can’t compare Iranian and Israeli nuclear programs. Hamas publicly throws its support behind the Syrian opposition. And Shimon Peres gears up to launch an ambitious social media outreach plan. Join the Media Cheat Sheet Page on