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“It Doesn’t Mean The Outrage Wasn’t Genuine”

“It Doesn’t Mean The Outrage Wasn’t Genuine”

Jennifer Rubin usually raises hackles with her blogging at the Washington Post. Now, her latest controversy about a Gilad Shalit-related tweet is raising questions about how journalists on Twitter reflect on the papers they work for. But more importantly, the ombudsman’s response raises a happy precedent for HonestReporting and web activists. It started with the


Media Cheat Sheet 11/08/2011

Welcome to everyone reading my cheat sheet for the first time. I used to write an in-house digest for the HonestReporting staff assessing the news, trends in coverage and other items of interest. We decided to share all that with you. You want to be well-informed but you have limited time to find the pearls in

Let Hamas Pay Israeli Court Fees

A breathless AP “exclusive” says the families of Palestinians killed by the IDF are being railroaded out of justice by steep Israeli court fees. Here’s how the bureaucratic tyranny works against Palestinian claims for wrongful death compensation: “The victim must pay for justice,” said Gaza resident Mohammed Abdel-Dayim, whose son and three nephews were killed during


Media Cheat Sheet 11/07/2011

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel and the Middle East. The MSM’s still looking ahead to an IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear activities. And thanks to a self-righteous “tribunal,” the buzz of the Israeli apartheid canard is growing buzz online. Last but not least, Javier Solana mistakenly tweeted an Israeli notable’s death


The Guardian’s Readers’ Editor On Anti-Semitism

Deborah Orr’s smarmy column on the Gilad Shalit deal continues to raise enough of a stink that even Chris Elliott, The Guardian’s Readers’ Editor, finally weighs in on the piece’s anti-Semitism. Three times in the last nine months I have upheld complaints against language within articles that I agreed could be read as antisemitic. The


Media Cheat Sheet 11/06/2011

Everything you need to know about this weekend’s coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Talk of an Israeli strike on Iran and UNESCO fallout overshadowed a flotilla that was so irrelevant, one MSM headline asked: What if they had a Gaza flotilla and no one noticed?  The Peace Process • Now that the PLO’s a member


Media Cheat Sheet 11/03/2011

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel. Big time speculation of a possible attack on Iran eclipsed the Palestinian statehood push and the new Gaza flotilla. Iran’s Atomic Agenda • The Guardian sparked a lot of buzz,  reporting that the IAEA has uncovered Iranian nuclear experiments that could only be used

Media Cheat Sheet 11/02/2011

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel. Shortly before publishing today’s cheat sheet, media reports came up of a two-boat flotilla of ships travelling from Turkey to Gaza to break the blockade. One ship is Irish, the other Canadian. It’s a developing story. Details at the JPost. I would’ve expected Gazans to