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Nattering Naqba Nabobs

HonestReporting’s Simon Plosker was on Rusty Mike Radio discussing Naqba coverage and new perspectives on Israel-advocacy. Listen to the podcast. One Palestinian who breached the border from Syria said he was shot while trying to kidnap an Israeli soldier. Will someone please notify The Economist? They think the border breach is new page in Palestinian Arab

5 Questions For Harriet Sherwood, Who Is Going Off the Deep End

UPDATE 3:40 pm: This is becoming even more bizarre. Stephen Pollard (via CiF Watch) says Sherwood illegally recorded their conversation. * * * Harriet Sherwood’s really gone off the deep end. The Guardian’s Israel correspondent is going after Geoffrey Alderman for Alderman’s over-the-top commentary about Vittorio Arrigoni, the Italian ISM personality murdered by Islamists in Gaza

Why Naqba Protests Have No Connection to Arab Spring

This weekend, Palestinians massed along Israel’s borders, had street clashes in the West Bank, and the foreign press told us It’s the Arab Spring. This BBC screengrab captures the spirit of the times. The headline, a photo suggesting a popular uprising, along with a spirited quote and the Beeb’s breathless adjectives: emboldened, inspired.   But an absolutely

A Dramatic Example of The Guardian’s Groupthink

Stephen Pollard explains a strange phone call revealing something about the mentality of The Guardian staff. Pollard, the top editor of the Jewish Chronicle, was harangued by The Guardian’s Israel correspondent, Harriet Sherwood over this over-the-top commentary on the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni in Gaza. She doesn’t have to agree with it, but that wasn’t the issue Sherwood was stuck on.

Today’s 5 Biggest Smackdowns

Smackdown: 1. the act of knocking down or bringing down an opponent; 2. a contest in entertainment wrestling; 3. a decisive defeat; 4. a confrontation between rivals or competitors Here are today’s five biggest smackdowns. 1. Bashar Assad smacks down Syrian lawyers, doctors, intellectuals, and other educated professionals. 2. The International Criminal Court smacks down

Daily Telegraph’s Journalistic Naqba

Heads up from a sharp reader who spotted a deeper problem with the Daily Telegraph than the headline  which Simon Plosker blogged a short time ago. If your borders are being stormed, who should the headline identify as the attacker, Simon wondered. Commenting on that post just minutes ago, Mordechai Bendon points out another significant problem with the