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Voice of America’s Spin Cycle

Voice of America’s Spin Cycle

This Voice of America headline and lead ‘graph combo captures the folly of Big Media’s view on the “cycle of violence.” The endless cycle of violence along Israel’s border with Gaza prompts some Palestinians there to call for a unity government and peace with Israel. But for others, it adds support for armed groups that

5 Reasons the NY Times Spiked Goldstone’s Mea Culpa

Here are five reasons why the NY Times rejected publishing Judge Goldstone’s about-face. 5. The paper’s new motto is “All the news that’s fit to punt.” 4. Pinch Sulzberger knows that people shelling out $15.00 a month for NYT content prefer Ahmed Yousef over a retired South African Jew. 3. Bad luck: Annie Lennox was guest editor that day. 2.

Memo to BBC: Goldstone Calls Casualty Count Into Question

Leave it to the BBC to stand by Gaza casualty figures that Judge Goldstone himself called into question on Friday. Israel’s lack of cooperation with our investigation meant that we were not able to corroborate how many Gazans killed were civilians and how many were combatants. The Israeli military’s numbers have turned out to be


BBC: Coverage of Fogel Family Massacre Was Weak, But . . .

The BBC conceded its Itamar massacre coverage was lousy. The Jewish Chronicle writes: In her response Ms Boaden said: “I agree with you that the significant nature of this murder of an entire family meant it should have been included on our television news output.” However, she denied that the BBC had ignored the story

4 Thoughts On Goldstone’s “Mea Culpa”

  Four thoughts Judge Richard Goldstone’s  mea culpa. His Washington Post chest-beating is weak, but still has significance: 1. Goldstone’s clearly backtracking. If he wanted to laud Israel for meeting his report’s demands (to investigate the army’s operation and implement changes to protect civilians), it would’ve been enough to simply say I’m satisified with Israel’s response to my


Louise Bagshawe: Still Waiting For BBC Reply on Fogel Failures

  It’s been a few days since Louise Bagshawe asked in the pages of the Daily Telegraph if the BBC really cared about the slaughter of the Fogel family. Certainly ample time for Beeb executives to reply to the British MP’s broadside calling to account the lack of coverage. But Bagshawe’s still waiting to hear from