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A Bash-Israel Media Circus on the Fly

With their sea flotilla so far proving to be a sinking disappointment, Palestinian activists are moving ahead with plans to converge on Ben Gurion Airport to create a media circus. Dr. Paul Larudee explains the modus operendi: On July 8, activists and Palestinian refugees holding foreign passports will converge on Israel’s international airport from countries whose citizens don’t need

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmm

• These Greek naval commandos who stopped the Audacity of Hope from illegally leaving port didn’t hold anything resembling paintball guns. • If you read between the lines, this PA spokesman says Abbas is clueless. Abbas’s preference is for negotiations. Palestinian Authority spokesman Ghassan Khatib told The Irish Times that he is committed to the September UN appeal but is

4 Hezbollah Figures Indicted for Hariri Assassination

Four Hezbollah figures are accused of assassinating Rafik Hariri as the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon issued its indictments. The Gulf News writes: While the names of the accused were not disclosed by Mirza or any other Lebanese officials, media quoted ‘reliable’ sources in the prosecutor’s office as saying the four are security and military members of

Things Your Media Watchdog Wants You to Know About Writing Letters to the Editor (Part 1)

Before you start writing, read the article. All of it. If you already read the full articles before responding, you can skip the rest of this post. But if you think you can cut corners and still help Israel, think again. When you don’t read what you’re responding to, editors notice you’re butchering the facts worse than

Dutch Reporters Abandon Ship Over Flotilla’s Own Press Restrictions

Disgusted by flotillista media restrictions, naivete, and deceit, Eric Beauchemin of Radio Netherlands (and two other Dutch journalists) abandoned ship rather than sail to Gaza. But I have worked as a journalist for the past 25 years, and never have I experienced such a closed organisation . . . Yesterday morning I had a final

Are Johann Hari’s “Intellectual Portraits” Plagiarism or Lip-Synch Journalism?

Johann Hari’s accused of plagiarism, which has British bloggers poring over his interviews with a fine-tooth comb. The results so far ain’t good. Brian Whelan, for example,  randomly chose an interview with Gideon Levy. And Whelan found a pattern of thoughts attributed to Levy (but not in quote marks) matching word for word with thoughts Levy expressed


BBC Trust Upholds Complaint About Settlement Moratorium Coverage

Last September, Israel ended a moratorium on building in already-existing settlements. Unfortunately, the BBC Today program inaccurately described moratorium in far broader terms, stating, “The moratorium on building Jewish settlements in the West Bank ended at midnight.” That language even remains on the Beeb’s web site: It’s clear that the BBC has an axe to grind

Israel Rethinking Ban on Flotilla Journos

UPDATE 5:25 pm: No sanctions for the journos, according to this statement from the Prime Minister’s office. * * * This just in from Reuters. Israel’s rethinking it’s ban on journalists sailing with the Gaza flotilla: “(Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) heard about it on the news and asked to re-examine this issue because it’s problematic,” Deputy

NY Times Finds Gaza Doesn’t Need a Flotilla

The NY Times is taking some wind out of the sails of the Free Gaza flotilla. Ethan Bronner reports that neediness isn’t so high. Here are some of his findings by the numbers — based on Palestinian sources, no less. 25 percent: Gaza jobless rate in first quarter of 2011 (which is much lower than