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Hate After Death: Gerald Kaufman and “Virulent Zionists”

Hate After Death: Gerald Kaufman and “Virulent Zionists”

The Independent’s obituary for long-serving British MP Sir Gerald Kaufman ignores his anti-Israel hate, instead claiming Kaufman to be a victim of a smear campaign by “virulent Zionists.”

Headline Fails: “Wounded Palestinian,” “Suspect” or “Attacker?”

Media publish headlines on the sentencing of Israeli soldier Elor Azaria yet refer, with no context, to the Palestinian terrorist as a “suspect” or a “wounded man.”

Australian flag and Israeli flag

Australian Ambassador Attacked For Doing His Job

Australian media outlet Crikey’s political editor Bernard Keane attacks Australian Ambassador Dave Sharma and The Israel Project, falsely claiming that they work to promote Israeli settlements.