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Aftermath and Analysis – Michael Oren

Aftermath and Analysis – Michael Oren

The biggest outcome of the Six Day War was that the State of Israel wasn’t destroyed. For the Arabs, the biggest outcome was the discrediting of the Arab nationalist idiom, the movement which had dominated the previous half century. It was discredited because the embodiment of that idea was Gamal Abdul Nasser, the president of

Aftermath and Analysis – Ahron Bregman

The USSR wanted to create another trouble spot for the United States in addition to that already existing in Vietnam. The Soviet aim was to create a situation in which the US would become seriously involved economically, politically and possibly even militarily, and would suffer serious political reserves as a result of siding [with the

Aftermath and Analysis – Abba Eban

“…I have never had any doubt that the decisive link in the chain of events which unfolded in 1967 was forged, in both senses of the word, by the Soviet Union. It is undeniable that Soviet warnings about imaginary Israeli “troop concentrations” on the Syrian border prodded Nasser to action. And it is quite impossible

Aftermath and Analysis – Isabella Ginor

The Soviet warning to Egypt about supposed Israeli troop concentrations on the Syrian border in May 1967 has long been considered a blunder that precipitated a war which the USSR neither desired nor expected. New evidence from Soviet and other Warsaw Pact documents, as well as memoirs of contemporary actors, contradicts this accepted theory. …this

Aftermath and Analysis – Rachel Neuwirth

June 5, 2007 will mark forty years since the Six-Day War. As we approach that anniversary, we can expect Israel’s critics, enemies and alleged friends, to intensify their demands for Israel to relinquish and evacuate the “occupied territories”, and help establish a Palestinian Arab State in their place. That demand often comes with a promise

Aftermath and Analysis

“If a single act of folly was more responsible for this explosion than any other it was the arbitrary and dangerous announced decision that the Straits of Tiran would be closed. The right of innocent, maritime passage must be preserved for all nations.” – US President Lyndon Johnson – June 19th 1967 “The biggest outcome of