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UK Columnist: ‘Israel Now More Wicked and Dangerous Than Hamas’

UK Columnist: ‘Israel Now More Wicked and Dangerous Than Hamas’

The Independent’s Yasmin Alibhai-Brown claims that Israel is “now more wicked and dangerous than Hamas” and praises anti-Zionist Jews who demonize Israel.

U.S. to Put Pressure on Israel Through Support for French UN Measure?

Today’s Top Stories 1. The UN Security Council is setting a deadline for a negotiated settlement of the conflict and the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, possibly within two years according to French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. The U.S. appears to be putting pressure on Israel by leaving the possibility open that it

Hamas’s #AskHamas Twitter Campaign Mocked

Today’s Top Stories 1. Promising responses from the terror organization’s leadership, Hamas launched its #AskHamas Twitter campaign aimed at improving its global image. Things haven’t gone so well for Hamas, however.     According to AP: According to the social media analytics website Topsy, the AskHamas hashtag generated 36,000 tweets in a single day.