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CNN: Making Moral Equivalence Out of Children’s Deaths

CNN: Making Moral Equivalence Out of Children’s Deaths

Is the terrorist murder of a 3-month-old Israeli morally equivalent to the death of a Palestinian youth throwing a Molotov cocktail? It is according to CNN.


Two Israeli Soldiers Wounded by Northern Border Bomb

Today’s Top Stories 1. Two Israeli soldiers have been wounded on the Lebanese border after a bomb reportedly exploded next to an Israeli tank. The army said the bomb was “activated against them during activity along the Israel-Lebanon border… Initial reports indicate that the explosive device was planted with the intent to attack soldiers.” Hezbollah


Northern Border Skirmish Injures Lebanese Soldier

Today’s Top Stories 1. A skirmish between Israeli troops and Lebanese forces on the northern border left one Lebanese Army soldier injured on Sunday. The IDF said that its troops opened fire on “suspects” attempting to cross the border from Lebanon, apparently hitting one and forcing them to retreat. Channel 10 reports that the Israeli defense establishment