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Washington Post: Forget Iran, Israeli Nukes are the Issue

In a column for the Washington Post, Walter Pincus suggests that it is time for Israel to acknowledge its own alleged nuclear weapons. He writes: It [Israel] has accused Iran of seeking the capability to produce nuclear weapons, when for years Israel has been believed to possess hundreds of nuclear bombs and missiles, along with

Fisk Losing Touch With Reality

No surprise that serial Israel-basher Robert Fisk takes a typically snide and bitter view of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the UN. His latest in The Independent includes the following: Now, with the pleasant smile of President Rouhani gracing their television screens, fully accepting the facts of the Jewish Holocaust – unlike his deranged and infantile predecessor –

Guardian Letters Page Throws Up a Surprise

I’m not sure I can remember seeing a newspaper publish a letter so overtly hostile towards and critical of the newspaper itself as one in today’s Guardian. It begins with the following sentence: The reason that you receive letters exclusively from people (including Jews) who are hostile to Israel is that no one who supports

BBC: Israeli Tail Wagging the American Dog

Examining the perceived decline of U.S. power in the global arena, BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson opines: As the international protector of Israel, the US will still have a major part to play in the central dispute in the region, even though the Israeli tail usually seems to wag the American dog. Even now, as

Monster Cartoon Violates German Press Council Code

In July, German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung’s anti-Semitic cartoon portrayed Israel as a ravenous monster, causing outrage. Protests from HonestReporting subscribers and other organizations led to an apology from the newspaper. The American Jewish Committee’s Berlin office submitted an official complaint to the German Press Council that has now ruled on the issue. The AJC has announced that Süddeutsche Zeitung