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Crossing the Line? Promoting Petitions Against Israel

Only in the last week, the Irish Times crossed the line from reporting to outright activism when the paper published what amounted to a guide on how to boycott Israeli goods in Ireland. Has The Times of LondonĀ (subscription only) crossed the same line in this news brief (emphasis added)? Israel is planning to build a


Huffington Post Reposting Anti-Semitic Cartoonist

In a live blog, the Huffington Post included the following: The cartoon itself makes the offensive suggestion that Netanyahu is profiting from Israel’s military action primarily to win votes in the forthcoming Israeli election. But the cartoonist is someone who should not be republished or promoted in any mainstream media outlet. Carlos Latuff, notorious for

Reuters Editor’s Ignorant Tweet

Twitter feeds often reveal what media personalities really think about Israel and it can be really ugly. Take this tweet from Reuters social media editor and columnist Anthony De Rosa: The ignorance on display is simply breathtaking. But it might begin to explain the mentality at Reuters that allows footage of fake casualties to be