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Aidan Fishman with his Blankfeld Award certificate

Blankfeld Award Winner Featured in Canadian Jewish Media

Aidan Fishman, our Blankfeld Award winner has been featured in a number of Canadian Jewish media outlets keen to highlight his achievement. Aidan is now $2000 better off thanks to his excellent writing abilities, which impressed HonestReporting’s judging panel. The Winnipeg Jewish Review reposted one of Aidan’s opinion pieces that had been published by that

Scene from the movie Innocence of Muslims (Screenshot: YouTube)

Anti-Islam Movie Draws False Israel Linkage

Those responsible for the brutal death of US Ambassador Chris Stevens needed little excuse to attack the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and indeed, it appears to have been a pre-planned assault by Al-Qaeda terrorists. However, the trigger appeared to be a shoddy movie aimed at Muslims and the prophet Mohammed has made headline news


Canadian Student Wins $2000 Journalism Award

HonestReporting is proud to announce that Aidan Fishman, 20, from Winnipeg, Canada, is the winner of the inaugural Blankfeld Award for Quality Journalism. We received entries from aspiring student writers from around the globe, including the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and the UK. HonestReporting staff members and HR Board member Max Blankfeld, the sponsor


Make Up Your Mind, New York Times!

The New York Times tends to view the situation of Gaza through a very rigid lens – that of an impoverished and overcrowded territory at the mercy of an Israeli blockade and restrictions. Rarely are Hamas held responsible for the plight of Palestinians living in Gaza. So it’s no surprise to see the following caption