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Mitigating Terror: BBC Responds

In response to HR’s critique of the BBC’s coverage of the fatal stabbing of an Israeli by a Palestinian terrorist, the BBC’s Middle East Desk has sent the following to one of our subscribers: We used the word “settler” because it is, in the first instance, the word that most accurately and completely describes the

Going Global: HR on the Road

In the past few weeks, HonestReporting staff have been traveling around the globe running media bias workshops and speaking at community events to hundreds of people. Here are some of the highlights. Spending Independence Day in the UK HR Managing Editor Simon Plosker visited the UK as the guest of the Manchester Jewish community as


Reuters Plays Loose With Numbers of Palestinians Evicted

A Reuters report that appeared in media outlets including the Irish Times states: Israeli soldiers evicted several hundred Bedouins from a village in the occupied West Bank today after the army declared the area a live-fire training zone. We looked into this figure and were informed by military sources on the ground that some tens


Why Did the BBC Pull Jerusalem Documentary?

The Times of Israel reports on a storm that has erupted following the BBC’s last-minute decision to drop a documentary that questions the extent of the Jewish exile after the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. According to TOI: The film “Exile: A Myth Unearthed,” which theorizes that many modern-day Palestinians could be partially


Boston Bombings Demonstrate Journalistic Failings

It seems that the media’s penchant for reporting first and investigating later isn’t limited only to Israel and the Middle East. The appalling Boston Marathon terror attack and the subsequent manhunt unsurprisingly dominated the recent news. But how many rumors and untruths appeared on TV and in the newspapers before the real details emerged? Calling