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LA Times Embellishing Casualty Figures

With hundreds of people dying in Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon at this current time, the number of Palestinian casualties is marginal in comparison (without wishing to trivialize any loss of life). So what did the LA Times write for added effect (emphasis added)? The number of Palestinians killed by Israel security forces has more than tripled this


Al-Jazeera America Goes Live

Al-Jazeera America launched on Tuesday. AFP reports: On Facebook, Al-Jazeera America called itself “the new American TV news channel that connects you to the human stories at the heart of the news.” The channel reaches more than 40 million households and vastly expands the footprint of Al-Jazeera despite questions about how it will be received


Headline Fail: Terrorists as “Political Prisoners”

Reporting on the likely release of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel as part of moves to revive peace talks, The Independent publishes this headline: In the article, The Independent states that most of the prisoners are serving sentences for “violent offences.” So what makes these “political prisoners?” This is a term commonly used to describe


Who’s Right on a Referendum?

While there may not be too much optimism surrounding the announcement of peace talks, The Times of London‘s (subscription only) dismissal with this headline seems premature to say the least: The article states: Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, appeared to dampen hopes of a breakthrough in the Middle East peace process last night, saying that