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Indie Ignores Rockets…Unless Israel Fires Back

Indie Ignores Rockets…Unless Israel Fires Back

Included in a story from The Independent focused on Israeli former foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman’s reaction to a volley of rockets fired from Gaza into Israel is the following (emphasis added): His [Lieberman’s] comments came as the Israeli Air Force attacked targets in the Gaza Strip after six rockets were fired from Gaza into southern


Are You the Watchdog of the Week?

Have you achieved a success in the fight against anti-Israel media bias? Want to share your success with thousands of HonestReporting’s readers? If the answer is yes, you could be the next Watchdog of the Week! Here are just a few of the things you could do to qualify: Sending a tip-off to HonestReporting through

Moderate is a Relative Term in the Mideast, Just Ask Assad

Cast your minds back to the year 2000 when Bashar al-Assad became president of Syria. Headlines such as this from the AP: According to CNN, Assad Jr liked windsurfing and the web: The New York Times referred to the “shy young doctor,” a “soft-spoken, gangly bachelor and computer buff.” Today we know better. So maybe

BBC Burns Rubber to Promote Palestinian Gripes

You can always guarantee that any positive development in Jerusalem, be it in the areas of transport, tourism or the like, will be met with a negative Palestinian response. And you can always rely on the BBC to turn a positive story into a negative one by promoting Palestinian complaints. So it was with a

BBC Red Carded for Capital Offense

The UK’s Jewish News reports: The BBC this week insisted that “no offence was intended” after Tel Aviv was described as Israel’s capital during a commentary on the UEFA European Under-21 Championship. The error came during Radio 5 Live’s coverage of England’s defeat to Norway last Saturday night. After Jewish News contacted the BBC in response to

Did They Stay or Did They Go?

An article on Christian Arabs in The Economist begins with the following: While Israel’s 1.4m Muslim citizens vociferously champ for the right to return to the lands they fled in 1948, when Israel was created… Evidently someone at The Economist must be confused. For starters, 1.4 million Muslims did not flee Israel in 1948 (the