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Al-Dura: Stop Confusing Me With the Facts

Al-Dura: Stop Confusing Me With the Facts

Last week a French court overturned a libel conviction against Dr. David Yehuda who exposed yet another Big Lie in the long-running saga of Mohammed Al-Dura. Dr. Yehuda caught out Al-Dura’s father for falsely claiming that he had been injured in the incident when, in fact, Yehuda had previously treated him for those injuries some

The Times of Israel Goes Live

Congratulations to David Horovitz and his team on the launch of The Times of Israel. According to David: The Times of Israel represents a determined effort, by a team of skilled, committed journalists, to report Israel, the region and the Jewish world accurately and engagingly. … Fair-minded journalism, based in Israel, and read both here


The MidEast PR Machine: From Assad to the Palestinians

Assad believes the Western media can be manipulated to serve the Syrian regime.