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10 Month Settlement Freeze Vanishes Into the Sky

Journalistic prose isn’t necessarily judged on what is written but by what the reader understands. In the following snippet from Sky News correspondent Dominic Waghorn, the reader would not understand that, contrary to a blanket refusal by Israel to freeze settlements, construction was, in fact, halted in West Bank settlements for a 10 month period at the end


HR On Tour: UK & US Speaking Events

HonestReporting staff will be speaking at a number of venues in February both in the UK and the US. Details below: Simon Plosker in the UK Managing Editor Simon Plosker will be presenting “Fighting Media Bias: Time For Some Honest Reporting” at the following venues: Monday, February 25, 9.15 pm: Cockfosters & N Southgate Synagogue,


BBC “Forgets” Holocaust Memorial Day

In its coverage of Holocaust Memorial Day, the BBC reports: The millions of Jews and others killed during the Holocaust are to be remembered in services across the UK, as part of Holocaust Memorial Day. Guess which story the “Unnamed page” on the BBC News site’s most shared section goes to. What an unfortunate error


Morsi: The Jews Distorted My Anti-Semitic Comments

Now that Egyptian President Morsi’s comments about Jews being “descendants of apes and pigs” have been picked up by the mainstream media, particularly the New York Times, perhaps they might want to follow up on the meeting of US senators with Morsi in Cairo, as reported by The Times of Israel: At first, the Egyptian

The Guardian Defines the Israeli Political Center

Referring to Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party, the surprise success of the Israeli elections, The Guardian’s Harriet Sherwood writes: it positioned itself in the centre of the Israeli political spectrum – which is further to the right than in most European countries. But if The Guardian sees Israel as a “right-wing” country by European standards,


Facebook Removes Journalist for Posting Articles on Palestinian Corruption

Khaled Abu Toameh is an internationally respected journalist and is a regular speaker on HonestReporting’s Missions. He is probably the bravest journalist operating in the Palestinian territories today, reporting on Palestinian affairs where others are either too intimidated or in thrall to the Palestinian Authority or Hamas to expose the ills of Palestinian society and