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BBC Journo and the “Jewish Lobby”

How about this for a Q and A on the US elections with the BBC’s Washington correspondent Katty Kay? Katty Kay doesn’t stop at just the conflation of “power and money” when it comes to questioning the motivations behind US support for Israel. It’s not the so-called Israel lobby but the “Jewish lobby” that Kay


More Twisting the Truth: Ha’aretz and IDF Experiments on Soldiers

At the beginning of October 2012, Ha’aretz published a report with the following disturbing headline: Israel Prize winner and author of the IDF’s Code of Ethics, Professor Asa Kasher, had, according to Ha’aretz, presented an opinion that: medical experiments on soldiers are desirable and even justified. Kasher declared that “the participation of soldiers in compulsory


Ha’aretz Illustrates Its Own Bias

If any other newspaper in the world had come up with the following photograph to illustrate the story below, there would be understandable outrage: According to the story in Ha’aretz¬†(republished from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, which did not include a photo), the aforementioned Tracey Nelson worked for the New York Jewish Federation, yet nowhere is