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Border Attack: BBC’s Horrendous Headlines

One Israeli civilian was killed Monday morning along the Egyptian border in an ambush combining rifle fire, antitank weapons and two explosive devices. Two terrorists who crossed into Israel were killed in an ensuing gunfight. But you wouldn’t know it from some of the worst headlines covering the story. For example, the BBC: So according

BBC: Holocaust Denial or Philosophy?

The BBC reports on the death of French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy: Given Garaudy’s fame or rather, infamy as a convicted Holocaust denier, why then does the BBC refer to him as a “philosopher”? Another observation – while this story appears in the Europe section of the BBC News website, it also appears as a


Trying to Pull the Wall Over Your Eyes

It’s incredible how the skewed language used against Israel has become such a part of the accepted narrative that even something so obvious and contradictory is simply ignored. Take the photo caption below used by The Guardian to illustrate a piece by anti-Israel writer Ben White.   What part of the barbed wire fence in