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Video: Matisyahu Faces Down BDS Campaign

Video: Matisyahu Faces Down BDS Campaign

Why was Matisyahu singled out by the BDS movement? Was it because he is an Israeli settler? No. Was it because he is an Israeli? No. He lives in America and was singled out because he is a Jew who supports Israel. That’s because the real aim of the BDS movement are not to create


A Proper Headline

We have documented many cases of the media, especially the New York Times, using headlines that make Israeli military responses look like unprovoked aggression. Whether Israel is responding to terrorism or rocket fire, the response usually gets the coverage that it absent on the initial act. Our presentation, It All Started When Israel Fired Back, is as valid today as when we first published it 3 years ago.


Walls, Politics, Mosques, and the Impact of Media Bias

On this week’s show, HonestReporting’s Yarden Frankl reports on a Washington Post article about presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s call for the United States to build a southern border fence to deter Mexican migrants. The piece mentioned border fences across the world, calling Israel’s security barrier an anti-Palestinian, repressive “apartheid wall.” The New York Times ascribes political motivations to the Israeli Prime Minister’s opposition to the Iran deal. Also — did anti-Israel media coverage of the Gaza conflict feed into the massacre in Tennessee?