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Abbas Responds Icily to Obama Remarks

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas completely rejected President Obama’s charge that the terrorist group Hamas is an obstacle to peace. He will not even consider ending the new pact between Fatah and Hamas. After all, “Hamas is a part of Palestinian society,” and thus has every right to be a partner in the government. It was


Judging Goldstone

The Court of World Opinion is now in session. Before us stands Judge Richard Goldstone. The defendant is charged with perjury and a verbal assault on the Jewish State.   Judge Goldstone, wasn’t your mandate from the UN Human Rights Council biased against Israel from the outset? Well I refused the original mandate because I


The Guardian’s Selective Omission

The Guardian has decided that Judge Goldstone’s admission that he was wrong is actually… wrong. That’s because the Guardian now claims that the report was not really about the deliberate killing of civilians. As they say: The report did not in fact claim that Israel set out deliberately to murder civilians Actually, the report did


Washington Post: Bombs, Not Terrorists

Look at the following phrases from a single article today in the Washington Post. Jerusalem bomb kills…..Bomb explodes….A bomb detonated….rocket attacks fired from Gaza….killing of 5 members of an Israeli family….A bomb hidden in a bag detonated… Notice a pattern? Who is responsible for the attacks? Are bombs going off randomly? Did anyone fire those