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Medical Care for Terrorists

The press has been abuzz recently with stories like this about the Palestinian security prisoner who died in an Israeli prison of throat cancer. While the media have spent a lot of time quoting Palestinian officials who have condemned Israel for his death and detailing Palestinian anger over his passing, a few important issues are

The New York Times Journalistic Backfire

The New York Times can be both factual and misleading at the same time. Take the article, “Obama Shows Talent for Arm-Twisting, and Raises Hopes on Peace Effort.” The article explains: When he took office, Mr. Obama wanted to claim the mantle of peacemaker himself. But then his demand that Israel halt construction of Jewish


New York Times Complicates Jerusalem Issue

In a front page story on the eve of President Obama’s visit to Israel, NYT Bureau Chief Jodi Rudoren writes that a small number of Jews buying apartments in predominantly Arab Jerusalem neighborhoods is “complicating” the Jerusalem issue. Rudoren admits that these apartments are privately financed and not part of an Israeli government initiative. So


Come to Israel: On Us!

HR’s free trip to Israel contest, sponsored by Heritage Affinity Services, will end on March 10. If you have not yet signed up, you can do so here. Contest is open to all new and current subscribers. Good luck.  


Taught to Hate

In a New York Times article about Israelis response to two alleged attacks by Jewish teens against Palestinians (“After Attacks, Israeli Schools Confront Hate,”) we are told by a Palestinian student that: “People are taught to hate, so they hate.” Despite the fact that the speaker was portraying Israelis as being taught to hate Palestinians,