Babbin on Mazel, Europe

Jed Babbin (deputy undersecretary of defense in the first Bush administration) has an outstanding article in the National Review on Ambassador Mazel’s protest, European terror appeasement, the security fence and the ‘green line’. Excerpt:

“Snow White” is not art, it is a tribute to a murderer and her motive. It’s no less offensive to Israelis than a tribute to 9/11 suicide pilot Mohammed Atta would be to us. “Snow White and the Madness of Truth” is an affront to civilization…

[European elites’] insistence that the Iraq campaign was an illegal war stems from their historic approach to emerging threats. The Europeans could — as Churchill repeatedly said — have avoided World War II if they had acted against Nazi Germany while it was arming itself for the coming onslaught against freedom. But then, as now, decadent Europe wants to talk, sign a piece of paper, and go back to sipping espresso and smoking Galois…

[The ‘green line’ is] not a border, not a division of land by treaty or otherwise. But the Palestinians — and their supporters in the U.N. — want it to be one. The ICJ action will try to establish it as a legal border. What the ICJ and the U.N. both want to conceal is the fact that borders are made by treaty — and usually by a treaty that makes peace after a war. The “green line” never made peace, and it’s no border because both sides — Israelis and Palestinians alike — have never agreed it to be one.


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