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‘Jewish Hezbollah’?

The NY Times’ Thomas Friedman has this to say about Ariel Sharon’s internal opposition: Mr. Sharon, a man of the right, has finally realized the demographic threat posed by Gaza to Israel and wants to get out. He is being opposed by the Israeli far right – the Jewish Hezbollah. This includes settler rabbis who

The Sun’s Cycle of Violence

A recent cartoon by Kevin Kallagher of the Baltimore Sun highlights the Mideast “cycle of violence.” Kallagher’s “Middle East Perpetual Motion Machine” describes a circular relationship between two combatants, neither of whom constitutes its causal source:

No Equivalency

The BBC reports on Hamas’ execution of Hassan Musallamit, who was accused of providing Israel with information leading to the targeted killing of Sheik Ahmed Yassin. The following snippet decries “extra-judicial killings,” but it isn’t clear whether the criticism at the end is aimed at Israel’s policy of targeted assassinations, the Palestinian witch hunt for

T is for Terror

Dan Abrams of MSNBC challenged the media to start using the word “terror” in coverage of the Mideast conflict, Iraq and Al-Qaida–even noting how more common words like “militant,” “insurgent” and “rebel” don’t accurately reflect terror’s nature. But Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media (AIM) responds to Abrams by pointing out that MSNBC’s own use

Film on anti-Israel bias on campus

From NY Sun — Columbia Abuzz Over Underground Film: At a history class, a professor mockingly tells a female Jewish student she cannot possibly have ancestral ties to Israel because her eyes are green. During a lecture, a professor of Arab politics refuses to answer a question from an Israeli student and military veteran but