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AFP: ‘Mainly children’?

AFP opens their report today on the IDF’s Gaza operation with this: Israel’s massive military operation into the northern Gaza Strip shows no sign of a let-up after two deadly weeks that have seen 111 Palestinians killed, mainly children, and Qassam rockets still being fired into Israeli territory. ‘Mainly children’? The New York Times reported

Followup on recent HR communiques

- Followup to ‘UNRWA’s Hamas Employees’: Jerusalem Post reports that the UNRWA suspended employees who have been detained by Israel for security reasons. Palestinians fear that UNRWA employees will now have to sign a non-terror pledge. – Followup to ‘Iran, Israel and the Bomb’: The New York Times has a very good overview of the

One-state talk

Michael Tarazi, an American lawyer and advisor for the PLO, received op-ed space in the NY Times to call for a one-state ‘solution’ to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Tarazi claims that Israel’s (and most of the world’s) strategy for a two-state solution is to ‘segregate non-Jews while taking as much of their land and resources as

Good enough for Yasser

This is an actual banner ad (!) which is currently running on (no connection to the satellite ‘news’ agency). The ad links through to MiddleOffice Geneva, which appears to be an real Swiss financial institution. The whole thing could be a joke from the odd site, but even so, it’s a good one…

UNRWA’s Hamas Employees

A new HonestReporting communique has just been released: ‘UNRWA’s Hamas Employees’ Sign up above to receive HR communiques by email. Please use the comments section below for discussion of this communique.