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Israel-bashing in Medical Journals

The lastest HonestReporting communique has just been released: Israel-bashing in Medical Journals To receive HR communiques, sign up above. Please use the comments below for discussion of this topic. UPDATE: See Melanie Phillips’s comments on the British Medical Journal article. UPDATE: Read the particularly articulate responses on the BMJ website.

Foul wind from Europe

– JPost: Bruno Gollnisch, a member of European Parliament (MEP) and deputy leader of the French extreme right-wing party the National Front, led by Jean-Marie Le Pen, has caused an outrage in Europe by questioning the use of gas chambers by the Nazis. – AP/Haaretz: Hungarian parliamentarian resigns after Holocaust joke – AFP: French radio

Letters from HR subscribers

HonestReporting subscribers ‘cc’ us on a daily basis their letters to local editors, written in response to distorted and biased coverage of the Mideast conflict. Here are a couple good examples from today: 1) Printed in Saturday’s Washington Post: Unequivalent Intifada Tolls In summing up the Palestinian intifada [news story, Oct. 5] your paper notes