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Good enough for Yasser

This is an actual banner ad (!) which is currently running on (no connection to the satellite ‘news’ agency). The ad links through to MiddleOffice Geneva, which appears to be an real Swiss financial institution. The whole thing could be a joke from the odd site, but even so, it’s a good one…

UNRWA’s Hamas Employees

A new HonestReporting communique has just been released: ‘UNRWA’s Hamas Employees’ Sign up above to receive HR communiques by email. Please use the comments section below for discussion of this communique.

What Reuters fails to grasp

Veteran journalist Noga Tarnopolsky reviews Reuters’ egregiously skewed coverage of the most recent suicide bombing in Jerusalem: Aside from its potential use in a Journalism 101 class as an example of how to fail as a reporter, this is a useless bit of writing. Or maybe it has a political point. I have no idea.