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Israel-bashing in Medical Journals

The lastest HonestReporting communique has just been released: Israel-bashing in Medical Journals To receive HR communiques, sign up above. Please use the comments below for discussion of this topic. UPDATE: See Melanie Phillips’s comments on the British Medical Journal article. UPDATE: Read the particularly articulate responses on the BMJ website.

Foul wind from Europe

– JPost: Bruno Gollnisch, a member of European Parliament (MEP) and deputy leader of the French extreme right-wing party the National Front, led by Jean-Marie Le Pen, has caused an outrage in Europe by questioning the use of gas chambers by the Nazis. – AP/Haaretz: Hungarian parliamentarian resigns after Holocaust joke – AFP: French radio

Letters from HR subscribers

HonestReporting subscribers ‘cc’ us on a daily basis their letters to local editors, written in response to distorted and biased coverage of the Mideast conflict. Here are a couple good examples from today: 1) Printed in Saturday’s Washington Post: Unequivalent Intifada Tolls In summing up the Palestinian intifada [news story, Oct. 5] your paper notes

AFP’s Compounded Error

HonestReporting just released a new communique: ‘AFP’s Compounded Error’ Sign up above to receive HR communiques by email. Please use the comments section below for discussion of this communique. UPDATE: In apparent response to the HonestReporting communique, AFP issued this ‘official statement’ at 1533 GMT on Oct. 14 (two hours after the communique was released):

AFP: ‘Mainly children’?

AFP opens their report today on the IDF’s Gaza operation with this: Israel’s massive military operation into the northern Gaza Strip shows no sign of a let-up after two deadly weeks that have seen 111 Palestinians killed, mainly children, and Qassam rockets still being fired into Israeli territory. ‘Mainly children’? The New York Times reported

Followup on recent HR communiques

- Followup to ‘UNRWA’s Hamas Employees’: Jerusalem Post reports that the UNRWA suspended employees who have been detained by Israel for security reasons. Palestinians fear that UNRWA employees will now have to sign a non-terror pledge. – Followup to ‘Iran, Israel and the Bomb’: The New York Times has a very good overview of the