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Misleading headline of the day

From AP: ‘Israelis Fire Missile at Palestinians’ Actually, the Israeli military targeted “a car carrying four Palestinian gunmen…members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades,” we later learn.

Terrorist pretended to be cancer patient

From Maariv (Hebrew, 30 Aug): Nabil Masri, a resident of the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza, regrets nothing. Equipped with a false permit saying he had prostate cancer, Masri sought medical treatment in Israel. His intention was to conduct a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. He admits that had he succeeded, hundreds of Palestinian patents

Spy allegations, cont.

As indicated in our communique yesterday, this whole ‘espionage scandal’ is begining to look like mere media hype regarding an irresponsible act by a low-level DoD figure. The New York Times today finds a new ‘official’ who says that news reports about the inquiry compromised important investigative steps, like the effort to follow the trail

The spy allegations

While everyone’s waiting to learn what pans out in the Larry Franklin/DoD/AIPAC/FBI affair, some media outlets seem almost rooting for an arrest. The Melbourne Herald Sun announces in the headline: “Israel spy found at Pentagon,” then goes on to declare unequivocally, “An Israeli spy has been uncovered at the highest levels of the Pentagon, the

Not so cute

Toy In Candy Bag Appears To Depict 9/11 Attack ORLANDO, Fla. — A bag of candy shocked a local grandmother and will most likely shock you. The toy inside looks like a plane flying right into the Twin Towers. Now, that toy is off some local store shelves because of our story. It doesn’t stop

Coverage of Israel’s Gold

Here are two great articles on Gal Friedman’s gold medal, Israel’s first ever: – Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star weaves nicely between Athens ’04 and Munich ’72 – Ian O’Connor of USA Today recognizes the larger implications: What the Israelis would give to be treated the same. What they would give for Iranian

IDF Combat Communication Course

The IDF is getting more serious about capturing anti-terror combat operations on film: Another 4-month “Operational Documentation” course for soldiers from selected units has concluded under the auspices of the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. The course enables soldiers to document with their cameras the daily activities of their units. Soldiers learn everything concerning photography, picture angles,