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IDF Combat Communication Course

The IDF is getting more serious about capturing anti-terror combat operations on film: Another 4-month “Operational Documentation” course for soldiers from selected units has concluded under the auspices of the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. The course enables soldiers to document with their cameras the daily activities of their units. Soldiers learn everything concerning photography, picture angles,

Jihad Mag for Women

Via BBC, a disturbing new entry to Mideast media: Radical Islamists have launched a new magazine on the Internet especially for women, called Al-Khansa, after a famous Arab woman poet in the early days of Islam who wrote eulogies to male relatives who had died in battle. One of its encouragements to jihad reads: “The

Media Ins and Outs

Selective reporting slants news coverage of key Mideast issues

Mazal tov! Gold!

Gal Friedman wins Israel’s first-ever Olympic gold medal. Tough to spin this one badly…unless of course the media discover the Mossad agent who directed the wind in Gal’s direction…

‘Ghandi would have appreciated jihad’

Robert Spencer responds to a screed by Brian Whitaker of The Guardian claiming “Ghandi…would have appreciated jihad” against Americans and Israelis: Gandhi would undoubtedly have appreciated jihad, eh? Clearly this has been written by someone who has had his ears filled with carefully designed, glib jihad-is-an-inner-spiritual-struggle explanations and has no idea what Islam really teaches

New news feed!

We’ve added a news feed to the right side of the blog –> The very latest wire services articles on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict appear from the top of this list, then move their way down over time. Click on the headline to view the article in a new window. We hope this will be useful

The explanation for all problems

An update to our challenge for readers to find the supposed ‘Israeli conspiracy’ behind the New Jersey governor’s departure — Al Jazeera posts the statement of one ‘Andy Martin’: “People have been confused by the McGreevey sex scandal,” says Martin. “But McGreevey’s dilemma is not a gay sex scandal. It is an Israeli intelligence operation

Worth reading today

* The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has a lengthy article by Max Singer on the implications of the Gaza pullout plan. * In the New York Times, David Raab recalls his harrowing experience of being held hostage by the PFLP for three weeks during “Black September” in 1970. * In the Washington Post Magazine,