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The End of Anti-Semitism?

New Zealand Herald columnist John Rougham argues that anti-semitism doesn’t really exist anymore, except among fringe elements of society (and as a useful charge by Israel and its supporters): As the nature of the “two-state solution” becomes clear, Israel and its apologists will continue to need the anachronism of anti-Semitism to silence critics and manipulate

Times of London expose on Arafat

The Times of London ran a remarkable expose on Yassir Arafat’s financial corruption – with some damning insider testimony: THE Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, has enriched a privileged inner circle of cronies and salted away billions of dollars in secret bank accounts, according to his former treasurer. Jaweed Al-Ghussein, 74, described last week how, during

Say What?

Reporter Barry Schweid of AP really believes Arafat “renounced violence.” Arafat took over the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1967, after Israel decisively beat the Arabs in the Six-Day War. The Palestinians’ leader ever since, he has renounced the terror tactics that the PLO used for decades and has agreed to coexistence with Israel. He became

British journalist denied entry

Interesting item from Haaretz: A British journalist has been detained since Wednesday at Ben-Gurion International Airport after security forces denied her entry into the country on the grounds that she is a left-wing activist who could not be objective in her portrayal of local events and who could unknowingly assist violent organizations. Developing…

HBO airing ‘Death in Gaza’

Tomorrow night HBO will air James Miller’s BBC/Channel 4 film ‘Death in Gaza.’ (see a trailer on the HBO site) Miller died from a gunshot wound in Rafah while making the film. The information presented on Miller’s memorial site suggests that the IDF was responsible for the fatal shot, but there has been no official

Blaming Israel for Sudan

On the heels of ‘Blaming Israel for Abu Ghraib’: In the Darfur region of Sudan, approximately 50,000 civilians have been murdered and more than 1 million displaced as a result of raids by Arab Janjaweed militias on the predominantly black African population of the province. The victimized black Sudanese believe that the Khartoum-based government of

Journalistic ‘objectivity’ gone wild

Here’s another case study, caught by David Gerstman: In an article about a Fatah-based terror group entitled, “Faction listens to Arafat only when he says what it wants to hear” The Sydney Morning Herald reports: Setting out his group’s history, Abu Haron had to pause at times to choke back sobs and wipe away tears.