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Of Medals and Memory

We appreciated the nice and concise way reporter Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram tied together coverage of Israeli Ariel Zeevi winning a bronze medal on the anniversary of the Munich Olympic massacre.

BBC watch

‘British TV Reporter Convicted of Murder’: LONDON — A man described as an undercover reporter for British news outlets was convicted of murder Wednesday for torturing a man to death in front of his children … During the eight-week trial, it emerged that Raven and his cousin, Christopher More, who is still being sought by

Haaretz on Media Bias

Haaretz has a special section this week for reader feedback on the question of media bias on the conflict. It’s sponsored by HonestReporting, so you know it’s worth seeing, even though the majority of the respondents have reached the very odd conclusion that the media is biased in favor of Israel.

Interview with ‘IDF Dave’

Here’s a followup to our recent communique ‘When the Photo is the Story’: IsraPundit has a very nice summary of the general problem of media bias against Israel, then focuses on the problem of photo-based distortions. The author interviews ‘IDF Dave’, the reservist whose photos of the altogether warm relations between IDF soldiers and Palestinians

The End of Anti-Semitism?

New Zealand Herald columnist John Rougham argues that anti-semitism doesn’t really exist anymore, except among fringe elements of society (and as a useful charge by Israel and its supporters): As the nature of the “two-state solution” becomes clear, Israel and its apologists will continue to need the anachronism of anti-Semitism to silence critics and manipulate

Times of London expose on Arafat

The Times of London ran a remarkable expose on Yassir Arafat’s financial corruption – with some damning insider testimony: THE Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, has enriched a privileged inner circle of cronies and salted away billions of dollars in secret bank accounts, according to his former treasurer. Jaweed Al-Ghussein, 74, described last week how, during

Say What?

Reporter Barry Schweid of AP really believes Arafat “renounced violence.” Arafat took over the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1967, after Israel decisively beat the Arabs in the Six-Day War. The Palestinians’ leader ever since, he has renounced the terror tactics that the PLO used for decades and has agreed to coexistence with Israel. He became