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Egyptian paper: Holocaust is ‘Zionist lie’

MEMRI translates an article from Al-Liwaa Al-Islami – Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party’s paper — that uses western Holocaust-deniers as sources to claim: this lie [about] the burning of the Jews in the Nazi crematoria has been disseminated throughout the world until our time in order to extort the West and make it easier for

Belfast mural

While pro-Palestinian voices the world over (such as Ramzy Baroud in the Palestine Chronicle) are recognizing Yassir Arafat as their true problem, this mural goes up in Belfast, N. Ireland:

Ehrenreich swipes Israel

Barbara Ehrenreich, filling in for columnist Tom Friedman at the NY Times, proposes a ‘new counterterrorism strategy’ for her candidate John Kerry to adopt: injecting feminism and women’s rights into Arab countries. There’s certainly something to be said for that, but Ehrenreich insists on underpinning her entire project with this: We’re going to need a

Al-Manar Banned, Al-Jazeera Monitored

In France, the French Broadcasting Authority banned Al-Manar, Hezbollah’s TV station. The move was sparked by Al-Manar airing al-Shatat, a mini-series about a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world (one episode depicted a graphic blood libel). Meanwhile, in Canada, when the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission recently allowed Al-Jazeera to broadcast, the permission came with

Worth reading today

* Yossi Klein Halevi argues that the ICJ ruling changed the terms of the debate in favor of the Palestinians. The issue isn’t the security fence any longer, but Israel’s claim to the West Bank and Gaza: The court, after all, hasn’t challenged Israel’s right to build fences along its borders with Lebanon or Gaza

When the media turn a corner

It seems the media pack, like a Tour de France pack, has turned some kind of corner on Yassir Arafat. Note the skepticism shown by these news outlets regarding Arafat’s recent deal with Qureia: AP: ‘Qureia withdrew his 10-day-old resignation letter and prepared to take charge of part of the security forces formerly under Arafat’s