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Israeli Supreme Court backs Palestinian journalists

From AP: Israel’s Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a ruling that requires government authorities to grant qualified Palestinian journalists accreditation to work in Israel. The decision was a victory for foreign news organizations, many of whose Palestinian reporters have not been granted press cards needed to cover official events since Israeli-Palestinian violence broke out in

‘Peace’ activists in action

International peace activists and Palestinians scuffle with an Israeli border policeman during a protest against the construction of the controversial Israeli security barrier near the West Bank village of Az-Zawiya, August 9, 2004. REUTERS/Ammar Awad Reuters usually describes the security fence with scare quotes: ‘security’ fence. But they apparently couldn’t bring themselves to do it

AFP photo of Sharon

Here’s an AFP photo of Ariel Sharon, released today — no, we didn’t crop it, that’s the actual ‘news’ photo: The caption: Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon presides over the weekly cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusalem. What other world leader would receive this treatment at the other end of a photojournalist’s lens? Imagine

Moscow Jewish newspaper vandalized

Haaretz reports: Burglars have broken into the office of a Jewish newspaper in Moscow and stolen computer hard drives and documents…Two weeks ago, two scanners were stolen from the office. However, while that burglary may have been for financial gain, this weekend’s theft appeared to be an attempt to garner information. What were they looking

Unsettling pressure

We can expect to see alot more heated discussion in the coming months over settlements, as Sharon’s Gaza plan moves forward and everyone involved in the debate senses change in the air. Jeffrey Goldberg, who recently made a splash with a New Yorker article on the settlers, now has a NY Times op-ed on the

Bias at GoogleNews?

Some thoughts on the news sources served up on GoogleNews: Should only five of more than 7,000 sources account for 46 percent of Google News’ top news stories? Should two of those five sources be the Voice of America and Xinhua, government agencies of the Peoples’ Republic of China and the United States, respectively? Interesting

Neutral Ground No Longer

After Hamas gunmen entered Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital and executed Mahmud al-Sharif and Walid Hamdiya in their beds, most media reports spun the story as a further example of the degenerating security situation in the Palestinian areas. And though Human Rights Watch slammed the murders for violating the hospital’s neutrality, the BBC took its coverage in