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* Yossi Klein Halevi argues that the ICJ ruling changed the terms of the debate in favor of the Palestinians. The issue isn’t the security fence any longer, but Israel’s claim to the West Bank and Gaza: The court, after all, hasn’t challenged Israel’s right to build fences along its borders with Lebanon or Gaza

When the media turn a corner

It seems the media pack, like a Tour de France pack, has turned some kind of corner on Yassir Arafat. Note the skepticism shown by these news outlets regarding Arafat’s recent deal with Qureia: AP: ‘Qureia withdrew his 10-day-old resignation letter and prepared to take charge of part of the security forces formerly under Arafat’s

Vanunu: Israel killed JFK

While Reuters was photographing Mordechai Vanunu as a halo-capped Jesus today (guess who’s ‘crucifying’ him?)… Vanunu himself was demonstrating remarkable credibility by claiming Israel had an agent on the grassy knoll: Vanunu said that according to “near-certain indications,” Kennedy was assassinated due to “pressure he exerted on then head of government, David Ben-Gurion, to shed

Media Intimidation Continues

While we recently noted Palestinian efforts to restrict media coverage of the intra-fadeh, efforts to cover up the in-fighting are now taking a more ominous turn. The Jerusalem Post reports that the various Palestinian groups at odds with each other are sending death threats to Arab journalists: As a result, many of them said they

New BBC Watch report

BBC Watch has released its fourth comprehensive report on BBC coverage of the Mideast conflict. This time, Trevor Asserson and Cassie Williams analyzed all documentary programs broadcast by BBC from late 2000 to June 2004. Their principal findings: the BBC is running a ‘campaign to vilify Israel,’ broadcasting a documentary critical of Israel every 2-3