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Arabs in favor of security fence

Many Israeli Arabs think the security fence is essential to protect everyone from crazed West Bank terrorists. For example, Najeh Abu Mukh from Baka: The 26-foot-high concrete-and-razor-wire barrier down the hill from Najeh Abu Mukh’s house cuts him off from relatives and the West Bank. But the Israeli Arab said he doesn’t mind, because the

Past rejections of ICJ rulings

BBC has a little backgrounder on the International Court of Justice, which includes these previous rejections of ICJ rulings: In 1984, the United States walked out of a case brought by the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. The Sandinistas had complained about the activities of the US-supported Contra rebels but the Reagan administration was angered by

Responses to ICJ opinion

* Alan Dershowitz responds to Friday’s ICJ opinion that condemned Israel’s security fence: Virtually every democracy voted against that court’s taking jurisdiction over the fence case, while nearly every country that voted to take jurisdiction was a tyranny. Israel owes the International Court absolutely no deference. It is under neither a moral nor a legal

Out of Africa

Last time NGOs gathered in South Africa under UN auspices to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, things in Durban got so bad that it took the 9/11 attacks to push that conference out of the news. The NGOs were back for the UN African Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (this

Reuters caption correction

Via Isreallycool: Reuters has admitted to a blunder in a caption to this photo: Here is the original caption: An Israeli settler in the West Bank, a militant trying to infiltrate a Jewish settlement and a Palestinian pursued by police in a Jerusalem car chase were killed on July 4, 2004. Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a

Way to go, Robert

From UK’s The Sun: Downing Street blasted The Independent yesterday for naming the judge in Saddam’s trial — putting his life at risk. It accused journalist Robert Fisk of breaking an agreement with the Iraqi Special Tribunal not to identify anyone in the court other than the defendants. Fisk, no stranger to HonestReporting, proves yet

Kaplan, Wretchard on ISM

Lee Kaplan went undercover in San Francisco to see how the International Solidarity Movement (of Rachel Corrie fame) trains its ‘Freedom Summer 2004′ volunteers before they travel to Israel. New recruits are first encouraged to deceive Israeli security at Ben Gurion Airport regarding their intentions for visiting the region: If they ask you questions such