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Arafat to journalists: ‘Toe the line!’

An addendum to our communique today on Yassir Arafat’s seeming collapse: The Toronto Globe and Mail reports that Arafat has issued “a warning to Palestinian journalists to cease all coverage of the kind of street protests that rocked the Gaza Strip and some West Bank cities last weekend”: Reporters have also been threatened with severe

Throwing the Book at Arafat

Yasser Arafat has been dealing with deteriorating security in Gaza, calls for reform, even charges that he’s obstructing an investigation of the murder of three Americans. Now, “Missing Peace,” a new book by former US Mideast envoy Dennis Ross squarely blames Arafat for the failure of the Camp David II talks. Ross, according to this

Arab Propaganda Coup

Richard Eisendorf makes a compelling argument that the media’s use of hostage videos coming out of Iraq rewards terrorism: Is it not a cynical irony that American television stations would not air British interviews with Monica Lewinsky because they violate a tenet of journalism ethics not to pay for interviews, but they willingly air the

Molly Moore’s terror sympathy

EyeOnThePost has a very good critique of a lengthy Washington Post article by Molly Moore that is positively gushing in sympathy for a terrorist gang from Jenin: On the pages of a responsible newspaper one would expect to read a feature story of lives shattered by terrorism. Not in The Washington Post. In The Post

IDF briefing on Lebanon border events

The IDF released this statement to the press today: Chronological list of events along Israel’s northern border in which Israeli civilians and/or soldiers were killed since the IDF pullout of Lebanon in 2000: In all, including today’s incident, 13 Israeli soldiers were killed (and 53 others wounded) and 6 civilians were killed (and 14 others

Pipes on Palestinian Chaos

Daniel Pipes addresses the Palestinian Authority’s possible collapse, and the matter that lies at the heart of it all: The question now facing Palestinians is whether they have learned the right lessons from their bitter experience. That for once they are not blaming Israel for their problems gives some reason for optimism. Cox News Service

Bayefsky on UCJ decision

Columbia University Professor Anne Bayefsky, who delivered an outstanding speech to the UN a short while ago, now responds to the UCJ decision condemning Israel’s security fence. Bayefsky stresses that the implications of the UN court’s decision reach far beyond Israel: The Court has declared four new rules about the meaning of the right of

Call for Arafat’s resignation

MEMRI translates a remarkably frank call for Arafat’s resignation in the London Arabic-language daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: In the Palestinian Authority there are 12 security apparatuses, and their number has nothing to do with security but with the fact that there are 12 people who must each be given a security apparatus so they will be