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Stockholm Syndrome redux

Four French aid workers were abducted and taken hostage by Palestinians in Gaza on Friday, then released a few hours later. Were they angry? Resentful? Naw…said one: “I was very well treated. I was given water and I was comfortable in a room…They said they considered us as friends.” There’s a real pattern of the

Third-party censorship

[Via Josh Harvey:] David Bernstein points out that the NYTimes can’t even bear to acknowledge that Israel calls terrorists ‘terrorists’: “In Israeli cities like Tel Aviv and Haifa, it is possible now to forget about the conflict, at least for a time. But on this side of the barrier, the conflict suffuses life. In June,

‘Jews and French people’

From French President Jacques Chirac‘s speech for Bastille Day yesterday: We are going through a period of displays of racism in which our compatriots, Jews, Muslim or even others, sometimes even simply French people, are the object of aggression with the only motive that they don’t belong or are not from such and such a

Legal defense against terror

The SF Chronicle published a commentary by a legal expert who raises an aspect of the ICJ ruling that effects not only Israelis: even if you are unconcerned about the lives of Israeli civilians, another portion of the opinion should be alarming to every American. Israel contended that the barrier was justified by its “inherent

Bungled headline of the day

MSNBC: Israeli army fires on UN convoy You have to read deep into the report to find out that the IDF was in the middle of a gunfight with Palestinians when a convoy delivering humanitarian aid showed up. The IDF claims it never fired on the convoy. The article itself is by AP. Comments to

Recommended Reading

* The NY Times published a response by Benyamin Netanyahu to the ICJ ruling. * This commentary in the Toronto Globe&Mail argues that the ICJ will ultimately suffer in the long term for its inability to separate law and politics: Israel can survive yet another piece of anti-Zionist propaganda labelling its every effort of self-defence