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* The NY Times published a response by Benyamin Netanyahu to the ICJ ruling. * This commentary in the Toronto Globe&Mail argues that the ICJ will ultimately suffer in the long term for its inability to separate law and politics: Israel can survive yet another piece of anti-Zionist propaganda labelling its every effort of self-defence

CSM: Efrat is a ‘settler outpost’

Ben Lynfield of the Christian Science Monitor did a story on settler outposts recently. The CSM has a feature called ‘Reporters on the Job’ that’s intended to add background to such news reports. Here’s what Lynfield submitted on this story: Correspondent Ben Lynfield set off Thursday on a tour of Israeli outposts with Dror Etkes,

Article on Reuters’ bias

On National Review Online, Tom Gross exposes Reuters’ consistent anti-Israel bias, citing HonestReporting’s work: In a study last year, the media watchdog HonestReporting found that in “100 percent of headlines” when Reuters wrote about Israeli acts of violence, Israel was emphasized as the first word; also, an active voice was used, often without explaining that

Personal notes from HR Mission

A participant on the recent HonestReporting Leadership Mission to Israel, Rabbi Aryeh Markman, shares his thoughts on the trip: We toured the controversial security fence, flew the entire length of the Green Line in a small chartered plane, and toured the Syrian border with an IDF officer who imparted lessons in military strategy that you

Arabs in favor of security fence

Many Israeli Arabs think the security fence is essential to protect everyone from crazed West Bank terrorists. For example, Najeh Abu Mukh from Baka: The 26-foot-high concrete-and-razor-wire barrier down the hill from Najeh Abu Mukh’s house cuts him off from relatives and the West Bank. But the Israeli Arab said he doesn’t mind, because the

Past rejections of ICJ rulings

BBC has a little backgrounder on the International Court of Justice, which includes these previous rejections of ICJ rulings: In 1984, the United States walked out of a case brought by the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. The Sandinistas had complained about the activities of the US-supported Contra rebels but the Reagan administration was angered by

Responses to ICJ opinion

* Alan Dershowitz responds to Friday’s ICJ opinion that condemned Israel’s security fence: Virtually every democracy voted against that court’s taking jurisdiction over the fence case, while nearly every country that voted to take jurisdiction was a tyranny. Israel owes the International Court absolutely no deference. It is under neither a moral nor a legal