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Ready for 4th of July?

Leland Pritchard of Plattsmouth, Neb., displays four different models of ‘Exploding Terrorist Heads’ fireworks, on sale in a roadside fireworks tent in Plattsmouth, Neb., Tuesday, June 29, 2004. The fireworks sell for $1.99 each or $7.96 for a package titled ‘Exploding Terrorists Heads,’ which includes the likenesses of ‘Sadly Insane (Saddam) Hussein,’ ‘Rag Hat (Yasser)

Down with the terrorists

One does have to wonder about the ‘neutrality’ of a photojournalist who gets a picture like this: Palestinian guerilla fighters prepare a homemade bomb in Rafah refugee camp south of the Gaza Strip. (AFP/Mohammed Abed) Now, photographer Mohammed Abed could not have just ‘coincidentally been there’ when these guys were assembling their bomb. So he

Warped sense of ‘world threats’

This week’s poll on the homepage of Japan Today: “Who do you think the biggest threat to world peace is?” 1. Israel 2. Osama bin Laden 3. The Bush Administration 4. North Korea So far, Israel’s in third place — a bigger threat than North Korea. The Bush Administration is in first…

Endangered Journalists

The Foreign Press Association condemned Israel’s recent attack on a Gaza building housing the offices of a Hamas-linked newspaper. The same building housed offices for BBC, NBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera. The Israeli air strike was in retaliation for a barrage of Kassam rockets that fell on Sderot, killing two Israelis (including a four-year-old boy). After

Unicef, ambulances, and access

US Fund for UNICEF has an immunization campaign for Palestinian children. They issued a press release today to publicize the campaign, taking the opportunity to criticize Israel’s tight control over Palestinian medical vehicles: “The incidence of vaccine preventable diseases has been under control until now and immunization coverage is beyond 90 percent — among the

Deadly Palestinian rocket attack in Sderot

It was, unfortunately, a matter of time. This morning two Israeli civilians were killed (including a 4-year-old boy), and at least 7 injured, in a Hamas rocket attack upon the Israeli town of Sderot. Though Sderot residents have been injured by the hundreds of Kassam rockets fired from Gaza in the past, this was the

Dangerous time to be a Jew

The cover story in the New Statesman is by Simon Sebag Montefiore, an English Jew who feels a dangerous turn of the tide that is palpable in European media: something has changed about the European attitude to Jewishness. One feels it everywhere: we have moved, as it were, from the world of Howard Jacobson back

AFP – still distorting PA terror ties

In an HonestReporting communique earlier this week, we noted that Palestinian PM Ahmad Qurei openly admitted to Fatah’s ‘bearing full responsiblity’ for the actions of the terrorist Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade. We called on the media to acknowledge this bond with Fatah in ongoing coverage of the Al Aqsa Brigades. Yet AFP, for one, has