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Tom Gross on ‘the BBC bubble’

Veteran journalist and commentator Tom Gross has an excellent (and scathing) review of BBC Mideast coverage in National Review. After recounting many of the most egregious BBC violations of journalistic ethics over the past few years, Gross addresses the institutionalized problem at the Beeb: The problem is not that every individual correspondent is biased. Whereas

Cool new Israel atlas

Check out this new, flash-based Israel atlas. Don’t miss the little moving planes, trains and automobiles. And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out ‘Israel’s Story in Maps’ (via the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s site).

Proud to be censured

John Gibson of Fox News says he’s “proud to be censured by the British government.” Gibson got a wrist-slap from Ofcom, the British government’s media watchdog. Commenting on the Hutton Commission inquiry into the death of Dr. David Kelly and the BBC’s Iraq reporting, Gibson accused the Beeb of “a frothing-at-the-mouth” anti-American bias.

Intifada’s End

Did Israel win the intifada? That’s Charles Krauthammer‘s belief. The Washington Post columnist makes a strong case that Israel has won a strategic victory over the Palestinians: Israel is now defining a new equilibrium that will reign for years to come — the separation fence is unilaterally drawing the line that separates Israelis and Palestinians.

Closing the Loopholes

Palestine Media Watch got the attention of Congress by documenting how Palestinian organizations (even municipalities) exploited loopholes in US foreign aid regulations. One example of how US taxpayer money was spent: Approximately $410,000 in US aid helped pay for a Nablus recreation center named after Salah Khalaf, whom the Washington Times describes as “the spiritual

Oldie But ‘Goodie’

Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds notes an issue with a BBC Gaza reporter that HonestReporting highlighted more than two years ago. Since we still get occasional emails about Beeb correspondent Fayad Abu Shamala, here’s a reminder of what Abu Shamala proclaimed at Hamas gathering on May 6, 2001: “Journalists and media organizations [are] waging the campaign shoulder-to-shoulder

CSM Editor on bias

Christian Science Monitor Editor Paul Van Slambrouck addresses the question of his paper’s biases. Van Slambrouck invited readers to respond and now publishes some of their comments.

NBC catches Saudi double-speak

Kudos to NBC News for picking up on the Saudi double-speak on the kingdom’s latest wave of terror — for western audiences, the royals blame Al-Qaeda, but or home audiences, the Saudi leaders blame – guess who – the Zionists. The material used in the NBC report came from MEMRI. It’s certainly a positive sign

BBC Radio, still unbalanced

Last night, BBC Radio 3 had a 13-minute segment on its ‘Night Waves’ program that addressed media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The program included three guests: A BBC deputy head of news, a BBC Mideast reporter, and the central guest ‘expert’ — Professor Greg Philo of Glasgow University, who recently did a study that,

Worth reading today

* The Baltimore Sun reports on the failure and irrelevance of the Palestinian Authority: After more than three years of bitter fighting with Israel … the people of the West Bank and Gaza Strip are increasingly disillusioned with Arafat and the government he leads, the Palestinian Authority. The forces arrayed against him include many of